7 Best Waterproof Radios Reviews 2022

Cheers to all the music lovers because we have come up with a list of 7 different waterproof radios with amazing features included in them for your optimum satisfaction. Still, there is a demand for radios among the people and these new features which are continuously launched in the market attract many new customers.

Waterproof radios are typically the radios which are not only water resistant but are also dustproof and shockproof. Other interesting features include LED lights, low battery alerts, different memory presets, supporting non Bluetooth devices through AUX input or USB input and providing Bluetooth connectivity also.

You can answer calls or call someone without having to use your hands with these amazing little devices. News and other reports are provided to you in these radios along with nap and sleep timers included for your utilisation. These radios fulfil their original use of providing FM in case you don’t currently have your mobile devices with you. LCD displays are there in these radios with a clock showing the real time on the display. For more volume requirements, you can also pair 2 speakers with this radio and meet your requirements.

Check out the list of waterproof radios given below and go through the other features too. 

Top 7 Weatherproof Portable Radios Reviews

1. Sangean H201 Waterproof Radio

This Sangean H201 waterproof radio comes with many different features such as an LED illumination which is used for emergencies. The buzzer buzzes at the time of emergency in a large LCD display with the ease of reading capability and an indicator for indicating the battery power.

It includes total 20 pre-sets of memory wherein 5 are of AM, 10 are of FM and 5 are of WX and comes with a function of Auto Seek. There are two timers in this waterproof radio, namely Short and adjustable sleep timers. Because of the large easily readable display, it becomes convenient to check out the clock for Real Time on a Backlit Display.

This waterproof radio is certified by Public alert and includes the various reports and 7 weather channels of NOAA. The waterproof standard in this radio is of up to JIS7 and thus is a speaker which is water resistant. Just like the marine radios, this Sangean waterproof radio can be submersed in the water without any stress of damaging the radio.

This radio speaker has an in-built swivel handle with modifiable hanging strap for hanging the radio and also it includes a mounting plate for attaching the radio to the walls. For WX and FM, this radio includes an in-built antenna of wired pigtail and an AM antenna separately. Charging requirements is such that you’ll need an AC adapter or two D cell batteries for this radio, but these batteries are durable enough to keep your radio charged for a long time.

This waterproof radio gives you the utmost versatility as you can take it anywhere you want. It makes you enjoy financial news, radio shows, morning news, local games and much more. This radio is so robust that even if you drop the radio off from the boat, it can still float on water and even if you take it on the beach, the sand can’t destroy your radio. You can also listen to the radio while you’re showering because the sound is so loud, you can hear it easily. These interesting features shows that this radio is an all-rounder radio and ready to fulfil your expectations. 

2. HB Illumination Waterproof Radio

The HB Illumination waterproof radio comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity which makes it the portable waterproof radio allowing you a range of 24 feet and if you want to take calls, this radio comes with an in-built Mic too.

For its waterproof capability, a rating of IPX7 is achieved on this waterproof radio and can be dipped in water of 1 meter for a total of 30 minutes. This radio is not only waterproof, but is also dustproof and shockproof and thus can be used for various activities such as sailing, swimming, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing etc.

For creating a perfect and stunning ambience, this radio offers you selection of ten LED lights of different colors too. For an ultimate control, this waterproof radio provides you with an intelligent interface. The charging in this waterproof radio is very fast at the great speed of charging in only 3 hours. Also, a warranty of 12 months is given with this radio.

3. Sbode Bluetooth Speaker radio

The sound quality in this Sbode speaker radio is stunning and has the technology of reducing wind and noise from the original sound and provides you a crystal clear sound. For delivering the top quality sound, this radio speaker contains bass radiators in it on the each and every ends.

Along with this, an exclusive structure of loudspeaker cavity is provided in this radio for amazing sound quality. These features makes this waterproof radio a perfect fit for parties, home use, Black Friday, Halloween, school, Christmas gift, Thanksgiving day and many more. This Bluetooth speaker radio can be conveniently paired to any other speaker devices of Sbode.

The left and right channels both are separated in 2 Sbode Bluetooth speaker radio and then the audio which you want can be started and played on the devices that you connected with a dual increased sound stereo using the “TWS” button. The aux line in is supported by a Micro SD/TF cards and a wired connection can be established with any of the non-Bluetooth devices through an audio cable of 3.5mm.

The durability and portability of this waterproof radio is good enough as it is covered in woven material which is mesh-like and is built with rugged and solid feel. The material of this fabric is durable enough along with a design of triple protection. You can also clean this waterproof radio with water as it is dustproof, sand proof, and snow proof along with being waterproof.

You can be hands free even if you want to call someone or answer the call, many thanks to the in-built Mic for this convenience. Also, the main function of radio is preserved in this waterproof speaker as it also supports the FM without having a need of actually purchasing an FM radio. A feature of automatically turning off the power is also there, which means that if your radio is on standby for 10 minutes, the radio will be turned off automatically thus saving battery life.

Charging of only 3 hours can actually result in allowing you to enjoy the playtime for up to 15 hours. A year warranty is given with this radio with a return policy of up to 30 days. A stylish look can be given because of the cylindrical design therefore avoiding any hard corners. 

4. AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker radio

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This AOMAIS GO waterproof radio is an IPX7 standard having the ability of top level for resisting water and waterproofing the radio. This feature allows you to immerse the radio up to a depth of 33 feet for a whopping time of 30 minutes. This radio is unlike the other waterproof radios, where only water splashes are resisted by the radio. Along with being waterproof, this radio is also snow proof, dustproof and mud proof so you don’t have to worry about the radio getting damaged. This characteristic allows you to take the radio wherever you want such as for swimming, on the beach, hiking, boating, camping, and shower or at any damn places. This waterproof radio has a clear and a rich sound quality which will completely fill up your indoors or outdoors with its amazing performance. You can easily and conveniently connect this radio with any devices having a playlist thereby allowing you to play the songs continuously for any special occasions or events. This is achieved with the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and thus you can connect and sync your radio to your cell phones, tablets, iPhones, Samsung, iPad, HTC or with any other devices. Wired connections are also provided with the help of an audio jack of 3.5mm wherein you can connect to your TV or PC or other devices which are non-Bluetooth. Want to call someone or answer the call without using the hands? Even this is simplified with this radio and thus you can enjoy the feature of calling hands-free. There are 2 drivers which are full range with a 15W power along with the passive radiators. Due to this, the radio can offer you sound of 30W. With a harmonic distortion of 1%, these bass works and provides you with stunning performance. If you want more volume, then this radio can be also be paired easily with 2 other speakers. This creates 2 channels that are left and right with a surround sound of stereo of 60W. This radio is robust along with a stylish looking one with a great performance. The battery can go up to 30 hours as it provides the capacity of 7200mAh. Only a charging time of 3 hours is required for charging this waterproof radio. For preventing fadeouts, the radio provides you power supply for emergencies. This AOMAIS Go waterproof radio comes with an AUX cable, a micro USB cable for charging purpose, and a User guide along with a warranty of 12 months. 


5. Ifoxcreations iF015 waterproof radio 

The waterproof standard of IP67 is achieved on this Ifox Creations waterproof radio and thus the radio can be completely dipped in the water. Along with being waterproof, this radio is scratch proof, shockproof and dustproof too and thus the radio can actually endure a three storeys high fall. So wherever you are, you can be fully confident about this waterproof radio. You can take it to hiking, beach, pool or indoors such as at the shower and still not be worried about it. A connectivity of Bluetooth 4.1 is there in this radio and so you can connect to any Bluetooth devices such as computers, iPhone, tablets, iPod, iPad and any other android devices. You can enjoy a premium sound quality audio without requiring any cables. It is light weighted with portability and a capacity of 6W. An FM radio function is also provided in this waterproof radio thereby allowing you to enjoy radio shows with its reception of crystal clear quality. The radio can be used continuously for 8 hours with its powerful battery of lithium ion with a capacity of 1500mAh. Also, a year’s warranty is given in this waterproof radio.

6. Xeneo X21 waterproof radio

The power drivers in this Xeneo X21 waterproof radio are of 15W with a bass rich enough to let you enjoy your favourite tunes and comes with a processor of Digital Signal. No volume distortions are there in this waterproof radio because of its excellent clarity of highs and mids and its super awesome stereo quality. For an overall sound projection and a perfect ambience, passive radiators are attached on its each end. These radiators are of aluminium and a housing of cylindrical shape is also there for all round purposes of sound projection and ambience. An in-built FM radio is present in this speaker radio which will allow you to stay tuned in no matter wherever you go. For playing your favourite songs, you can also insert your SD card in its slot of micro SD card which is also in-built in the radio. Bluetooth connectivity of 4.2 is provided which permits you a range of 100 feet. For a broad range of connectivity, an AUX jack is provided for tablets, MP3, PC, smart watch, laptop etc. with its robust design, this radio can be used for activities such as camping, hiking, biking, golfing, boating etc. Waterproof standard of IP6X is achieved therefore making it water resistant along with its features of shockproof and dustproof. For complete left and right channel stereos, you can pair this radio with 2 speakers and play together which will increase the volume levels. A Li-ion battery of 2400mAh which is rechargeable is provided which can support playtime of up to 10 hours. Also an in-built mic is provided for calling hands-free. A year warranty is given on this radio. 

7. Monster Nomad waterproof radio

This ultimate Monster Nomad waterproof radio has a playback life of battery of 30 hours. The water resistant standard is of IPX4 with a sound of 30W which is actually pretty high power. It is quite portable and thus you can carry it anywhere you want whether for indoor use or outdoor use. There are 2 technologies which are installed in this radio, which are NFC and Bluetooth and thus you can sync your devices to this waterproof radio and play your favourite songs anywhere you go. Through this great quality speaker radio, you can generate many different playlists of your choice and play them on this portable Bluetooth radio. An interesting feature in this waterproof radio is that an input of 3.5mm for guitar/microphone is also provided. With a fully charged battery, this waterproof radio speaker can perform for up to thirty hours. This radio is not only waterproof but is actually weather resistant and can be used in any weather conditions. The USB input in this radio permits you to charge your radio via USB charger of 2 amps of 5V. A mighty and strong sound quality of 30W is provided in this waterproof radio. In case if you lack your mobile device, then no problem because this radio definitely fulfils its basic function of providing FM thus allowing you to easily access your favourite channels of FM. For devices which don’t have Bluetooth, you can also directly plug in your device using the auxiliary input with this radio and can go on with your songs.