Best UHF Radios reviews 2022

Walkie-talkies are important in several fields. It may be used in communicating is fields, construction sites, marriages or other purposes. However, it is important to choose the correct two-way radio. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the difference between a UHF and a VHF radio and choose a suitable one because both radios can’t communicate with one another. UHF(Ultra High Frequency) radios are the ones that operate on frequencies ranging between 400 to 512 Megahertz (MHz). They can easily penetrate interference like buildings, wooded areas, and urban outdoor settings. UHF walkie-talkies have enough power that allows you to communicate with people on different floors. If you are looking for two-way radios for indoors or even if you go outdoors, UHF is hands down your best choice. So here’s a list of the best UHF radios

Top UHF Radios reviews 2022

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) Dual Band Two-Way Radio

The BF-F8HP is a dual-band handheld radio which is the upgraded version of the previous generation UV-5R. It has higher output power, more durable radio shell, larger battery, better antenna performance as compared to the previous one. It has different power level settings – High (8W), Medium (4W) and Low (1W). The frequency range is from 65 to 108 MHz. It has the option to select the band – narrow band or wide band. It is based on a new generation chipset that improves on the UV-5R with more transmit power. It is powered by 2000mAh Li-ion battery having 7.4V output. It includes an in-depth user guide, concierge support, and a V-85 antenna in the box. This radio has the N5R-340A firmware which is still not available on any other model. The average battery life when operated at high power (8W) is 20 Hours and at medium power (4W) is 24 Hours. It also has an in-built flashlight and FM radio which can be used easily because of its large battery. It has a 7 inches high-gain antenna included in the box. It also features customizable tri-colour display. The maximum deviation for the broadband is 5kHz and for the narrow band is less than 2.5kHz. The CTCSS/DCS deviation for the wideband is 0.5+/-0.1kHz and is 0.3+/-0.1kHz for the narrow band.

2. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios 

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This radio is small and has a compact size and lightweight such that it easily fits on your hand. It is also water-resistant and hence, lasts longer. The output power of the radio is 2W. The frequency range is UHF 400-470MHz. This radio has 16 pre-programmed channels which can be changed by turning the knob. The channel number is informed by a synthesized voice. You can program the channel frequency within the frequency range. Each of the 2 walkie-talkies comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging dock. The charger operates in 110V-240V and has to Type A plug. The battery gets fully charged in about 2.5 hours which can last up to 8 to 96 hours depending on the usage. The battery can also be charged separately or may be charged while installed in the radio. It has in-built speakers which provide loud and quality sound. Each radio has in-built microphone along with a single-earbud style earpiece and a Push-to-Talk button. When the earpiece is plugged, the radio speaker becomes silents and the sound goes to the earpiece. The operating range of these radios depends on the terrain. It can be up to 5 miles when no obstacle is present which decreases in crowded areas. However, these radios work smoothly in houses, construction sites, warehouses, factories or similar places. It has good performance in urban environments and around buildings. This is a single band and a single frequency radio. It has frequency stability of ±2.5ppm. The impedance of the antenna is 50Ω. It can work in as low temperature as -30°C to +60°C. The audio distortion of both the transmitter and the receiver is less than 5%. It has several in-built functions such as VOX function, emergency alarm, low battery alert, LED flashlight, noise reduction, busy channel lock and scanning option.

3. Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Hands-Free UHF Channel Lock 2 Way Radios 

This slim and compact radio features 16 channels. You need not pay frequency annually as this provides license-free radio. The voice level can be adjusted between 0 to 9 according to the surroundings to get the best quality sound and ensure real hands-free operation. It has an emergency alarm to alert at the time of danger. It has a button to lock the channel so that it does not change accidentally. It has 6-way multi-gang chargers with protection against short circuit, overcharge and overvoltage which can supply power to 6 walkie talkies simultaneously. It is easy to carry as it fits in the palm and has a lightweight that ensures a firm grip. It features a push-to-talk button for operation. It provides clear and loud audio in every environment for better communication. It has LED lights for various indication- green for fully charged, red for charging and slightly green when starting to power on. It has a large battery which increases durability

4. BTECH Mobile UV-50X2 50 Watt Dual Band Base Mobile Radio

This unique radio has dual synchronization display mode which can be used to synchronize 2 channels and display the channel names and frequencies. The LCD screen is multi-colour and fully customizable which can be adjusted according to your choice. It has 200 programmable memory channels in which channels can be added or removed from the scanning list. Also, alphanumeric names can be assigned to channels. Also, the radio can be set-up from a PC as per your choice. It has expanded the frequency range from 65MHz to 520MHz. It has the function to power off automatically to save the battery. It has several features such as channel mode editing settings, auto scan, and variable frequency scanning, and randomization privacy mode. The quad watch delay time allows customizing the delay for the receiver to stay on the secondary channel for up to 50 seconds. This ensures that you can manually switch the channels while having contacts on two frequencies at the same time. It has 2 level power settings- high (50W) and low (10W). It provides options to select the band – broad or narrow. This radio operates as multiple radios in one, having 144 MHz or 430 MHz as the “Main” TX/RX band while watching up to 3 other frequencies or channels at the same time. Also, if you wish, you can even easily adjust it for VHF-VHF or UHF-UHF operation at the same time. The kit also provides DC cable, speaker mic, radio and mic brackets. The output power of this dual-band radio is 50W. These radios use an upgraded Power Chipset. It has great sound quality and provides microphone audio gain settings to customize the microphone output. This mobile radio supports CTCSS, DCS, 2Tone, 5Tone, and DTMF calling methods. It provides options to edit your channel preferences without needing to program a new channel. Also, the tones can be edited and it can be added or removed from the scanning list any moment. You can scan as soon as you reboot, or even resume the scan if it was interrupted to transmit. It saves scanning preferences even if there is a power interruption. It has 2W loudspeakers and also DTMF handheld microphone.

5. QYT KT-8900D Dual Band Mini Car Ham Radio Mobile Transceiver 

This mini mobile transceiver has working frequency VHF 136-174MHz and UHF 400-480MHz. The output power for VHF is 25W and for UHF is 20W. It has various features available such as FM radio, PTT ID, DTMF, remote stun and alarm. It provides two options for power settings – High (25W) and Low (20W). It has a bigger LCD screen to display the details. It has a cooling fan to avoid excessive heating. It has 200 channels capacity and allows to set the name of the channels. It has an auto-lock feature to avoid the changing of channels accidentally. It also has an optional signal setting. It supports operation on dual bands. The kit also includes speaker mic, radio & mic brackets, 6 feet DC cable and programming cable. The frequency stability is 2.5ppm. It can easily operate in temperature ranging from -20℃ to + 60℃. It operates on DC voltage around 13.8V. The receiver has a sensitivity of 0.25V / 0.35V. The audio distortion is less than or equal to 5%.

6. Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies UHF Two Way Radio

This radio has an ergonomic design along with made of high-quality materials. It is very simple and easy to use. It can be used in warehouses, hotels, retail stores, school premises, or for the construction team, maintenance team, road trip, events communications, family camping, etc. It has 16 pre-programmed frequencies which are ready to be used out of the box. Also, you can add as many sets as you want because all the channels have identical frequencies. It can be used to communicate directly with each GA-2S on the same channel. It can be easily charged with the help of a micro USB cable. The output power is 2W which allows range up to 3 miles. The large battery ensures 96 hours of standby time and easy usage throughout the day. This can be easily programmed by a PC with the programming cable. It works on frequency range UHF 400MHz to 470MHz. However, this radio supports single band only. It provides the option to lock the busy channel for convenience. It has several other features such as VOX function, Time-Out Timer(TOT), battery saving mode, alarm and scanning function. It operates on two power modes- high and low. It has a customizable side button that serves two different purposes- monitor and alarm. This radio has 1W audio output speaker which gives clear sound while transmitting and receiving. It also comes with a great stock antenna, allowing to have a good range of reception. This radio comes with 18 months warranty and 60 days no reason return. 

7. AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Radio VHF/Uhf Two Way Amateur Radio

This is a dual-band mobile radio transceiver. It has a frequency range of VHF: 136-174MHz and of UHF: 400-480MHz. It supports DTMF and has 5 tone functions also. It has 180 degrees rotatable TFT colour LCD. IT operates on different power levels – 25W, 15W, 5W. It supports 200 channels and is compliant with a narrow band. It has in-built speakers in both the radio and the mic. Also, it has an in-built cooling fan to prevent damage due to excessive heating. It allows single call, group call, selective call and also emergency call. It has phase-locked steps at 2.5Khz, 5Khz, 6.25Khz, 8.33Khz, 10Khz, 12.5Khz, 20Khz, 25Khz, 30Khz and 50Khz. The sensitivity in the wideband is less than 0.25Mv whereas in the narrow band it is less than 0.35Mv.

The noise in the wideband is greater than 45Db whereas it is greater than 40Db in a narrow band. The audio distortion is less than 5% and the audio power output is greater than 2W. The audio response for both wideband and narrowband is between +1~-3db. This radio comes with 1-year brand warranty and full money return if not satisfied with it in 1 month.

8. Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio Rechargeable 2 Way Radios 

This portable walkie talkie has a solid structure and is made of high-quality material. It has a large battery which lasts longer and is worth every penny. It has a clear transmission sound. It has strong penetration which ensures good sound quality even inside buildings or even underground and also a long-range of connectivity. It has a private code function which allows private conversation by keeping away irrelevant calls. It shields other chats to allow quiet and private talks possible. Ear tubes allow getting a clear call even in noisy surroundings. The hand strap along with the belt clip makes it more convenient for carrying. You can charge it anywhere with the help of charging base and the adapter. It comes with preset FRS frequency which allows usage directly out of the box. It has an emergency alarm to ensure safety while working alone. The high gain antenna along with the sensitive knobs ensure great performance in terms of sound quality. Also, it allows communication with other FRS/GMRS radios, irrespective of the brand, by being on the same channel with correct privacy codes. It has the option to select between wide (25KHz) and Narrow (12.5KHz) bandwidth. It has great application at department stores, schools and colleges, hotels and museums, event management, maintenance security, warehouses, and several other places. It has many other functions such as CTCSS/DCS function, low battery alarm, scanning, busy channel lockout, VOX function.

9. Radioddity GD-73A 2W Dual Time Slot DMR/Analog Two Way Radio

This radio has mini size and lightweight which can easily fit in your pocket. It is easily portable and has a stylish design. It has a compact keypad which makes one-hand operation very smooth. The clear LCD screen makes it very effective. It is powered by a large Li-ion battery of 2600mAh capacity which has 48 hours of standby time. This battery can last up to 16 hours when used continuously. It has 2 customizable side keys which can be assigned 4 different functions. It can be charged and programmed by the micros USB cable. It is ideal for daily use and uses in combination with your hotspot. It supports 1024 channels in 64 zones, that is, each zone has 16 channels. It has both analog and digital modes. The high-gain antenna ensures both outdoor and indoor usage and extends the range up to 5 miles. It supports sending and receiving short text messages (SMS) with a maximum length of 144 characters each. It supports frequency ranging from 406.1MHz to 470MHz. The channel spacing is 12.5kHz. This amateur radio is compatible with MOTOTRBO. It comes with 18 months warranty and 60-day no-reason return guaranteed which makes this the perfect radio for both experienced and new HAM users.

10. BaoFeng UV-82HP High Power Dual Band Radio

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This handheld transceiver supports dual-band- broad (wide) and narrow band. It has an LCD with display function menu. It has a “BLCO” function, that is, Busy Channel Lock function.

It has three power level settings- High (8W in VHF and 7W in UHF), Med (4W), Low (1W). It has dual Push-to-Talk switch which simplifies operating the radio after synchronization. The dual PTTswitch can transmit on two frequencies by the use of the rocker push-to-talk switch. You can transmit on ‘Frequency A’ by pressing ‘up and you can transmit on ‘Frequency B’ by pushing ‘down’. To enhance sound performance, it has a high-gain antenna. It provides the option to customize your operation with channels. It has 128 programmable memory channels. Also, these channels can be removed and new ones can be added using computer software. Also, the channels could be renamed and assigned alphanumeric names. It is powered by 1800mAH battery. The channel spacing is 25KHz for the wideband and 12.5KHz for the narrow band. It also has FM Radio, flashlight and emergency alarm. It also supports CTCSS, DCS, and DTMF calling methods.