Best Sirius Radio Reviews in 2022

Radios are still one of the best things till today and when they come with many new different features, they attract quite a lot of people. Nowadays, radios not only provide the FM, but also provides many different features which were never even expected by the people earlier. These little magical boxes come in handy and are very portable enough to be carried and used anywhere you want. Did anyone ever expected to get an internet connection in the radios? Well, that is something interesting and attractive! Not only can you listen to FM, but you can even listen to your favorite songs using the AUX cable. The display on these radios is large enough and colored which can be easily readable. These displays are touchscreen for a more convenient usage and these shows some of the information about artist name, program name, album art, channel logos along with the graphics too! If you subscribe to the package of “All Access” you’ll get a free service for 3 months and more customization will be offered to you at your fingertips. TuneStart for starting the songs from the very beginning, TuneMix for making a mix of your favorite songs and a TuneScan features are some new specifications in these radios. You can also rewind, replay and pause the channel shows whenever you want and an option of One-touch jump can take you back to the previous channel. For parental controls, these radios come with an option of unlocking and locking the channels. You can also set alarms on these radios and that is quite a unique feature. 

I’m sure you are very excited to know more about these radios and thus we have included many more new features in the list of 7 best Sirius satellite radios given below. Check them out here

Top Sirius radio reviews 2022

1. SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus Satellite Radio.

This SiriusXM SXPL1V1 radio can be enjoyed by you through the audio system of in-dash which is there in your vehicle. The colored display is touchscreen with the controls included on it and features graphics, channel logos and album art. The connector specifications is such that they are of 3.5mm size with 1/8 in the stereo male. This SiriusXM SXPL1V1 radio also provides you with a subscription of free service for up to 3 months with a package of “All Access”. You just have to give your ID of the radio while activating and then state “Never miss a beat” and the offer will be activated by just requiring a credit card and $15 fee of application. This subscription will enable you to make your own mix of music channels you want on your radio with TuneMix. This radio can be easily and conveniently connected to the car stereo without even needing any wires through an FM radio or through an AUX cable for going with hard wired. You can begin the songs from the very starting using the option of TuneStart. With the option of accessing from one-touch, you can actually store the channels you want to up and it allows you to store the channels up to a number of 20. You can replay, rewind and pause the live radio along with all your favorite channels you want. The power requirements of 500 mA and 9 to 16 V DC is required in this satellite radio. You can receive many hundred channels of sports, business, news, politics, comedy and entertainment with the service which is completely uninterrupted in places such as US, Puerto Rico and CA. Also, an option of TuneScan is included in this radio which is an advanced feature of music. Not only can you use this radio in vehicles, but you can also use it for your outdoor activities or at your office while needing any refreshments and enjoy work while listening to the radio. The setting up of this radio is also very easy and yeah you can also receive artists, sports and song alerts too. The remote control of this radio can be used conveniently from anywhere across your room and you can unlock and lock the channels having any mature content. A One-Touch jump feature is used for going back to the channel which was previously played and this option of One-touch can also give you access to the weather and traffic information of your choice of city. While you are listening to a channel, you can also browse that what is currently being played on the other channels too.

2. SiriusXM GDI-SXT R2.

This SiriusXM GDI-SXT R2 is a satellite radio by Grace Digital and has an easy process of setting up for the use in your home or office. This internet radio gives you access to live talk, sports, news, and music channels along with other personalized channels and the shows which are on demand. A subscription of All Access or Sirius streaming plan is needed for this internet radio. This satellite radio allows you to save channel presets of up to 10 according to the personalization of music channels which are your favorite, thereby providing you an easy access. The live radio playing on can be replayed, rewind or pause in case you miss any of your favorite shows which can be done using the function of start now. An interesting feature of this satellite radio is that you can set up custom alarms up to a number of 5 and just pass on the stress off waking up on this radio. There is an alarm system which is advanced and you can set alarm for weekends, one time, weekdays, weekly or in any other type you want along with a sleep timer and an integrated snooze option. The sound station can work fully with the internet service of radio or any other audio device through an input jack which is integrated auxiliary in this Sirius satellite radio. The input specification is of 0.2A, 50//60 Hz, 100 to 140. With using a security of WPA and WEP, you can use wireless connection of internet of WiFi802.11 b/g/n. A colored and large display is included along with the channel information and album art. You can enjoy a full ranged and powerful sound quality with the help of an adjustable equalizer and you can also access the shows which are on demand.

3. SiriusXM SXSD2 Portable Speaker radio.

This SiriusXM SXSD2 comes with a powerful subwoofer, midrange speakers and separate tweeters with a 2.1 system. This portable radio can be taken wherever you want to because of an antenna cradle and a handle which is fold away. The remote which is included in this radio can be used to easily control the docking station and the radio. It has an AUX jack which is used for allowing MP3 players and a headphone jack for listening privately. It is compatible with Stratus 7, XM Onyx EZ, XM XpressRCi, Starmate 8, Siriusxm Onyx PlusStratus 6, and SiriusXM Edge. You can plug this radio in an available outlet of AC or you can also use batteries and listen to the radio anywhere you want. The design of this portable radio is very stylish along with its various utilities.

4. SiriusXM SXEZR1H1 Onyx EZR Satellite Radio.

This SiriusXM SXE Z1H1 satellite radio has a large display of 3.2” along with a high resolution and this makes it easy to read display. On this display, you can information about content, channel, program title and song title along with show and artist name. A free streaming service and satellite service is offered for three months with the subscription. For activation, state “Never miss a beat” and a fee of $15 for activation and credit card is required. The subscription of “All access” is highly recommended as it includes 150 plus channels in a package along with both streaming and satellite service. With the mode of Split-screen, you can view what is currently playing on the favorite channels of yours. The mature content can be easily unlocked and locked and you can store your 10 favorite channels on this radio. Using the TuneMix, you can select your favorite channels and make a music channel of your own. For going back to the previous channel, a feature of One-touch jump is included. This product comes with a home dock, a remote control, stereo audio cable, home power adapter, quick guide, owner’s manual and a home antenna for indoor or outdoor use.

5. SiriusXM Stratus 7 Satellite Radio.

This Sirius XM Stratus can be easily connected using an AUX cable or through an FM radio directly to car stereo. Up to 10 channels can be stored on this Sirius radio. You can get a free service for 3 months if you subscribe to the package of “All Access”. For this, you have to provide the ID of your radio when you activate the subscription and state “Never miss your beat”. An activation fee of $15 along with a credit card is required and that’s it your subscription process will be completed thus providing you with 140 plus channels. A vehicle kit of PowerConnect is also included with this radio. The display is easily readable and shows information of artist name, channel, and program or song title. The surfing of channel is made simple and easy using the feature of Push-Button navigation. For matured control, the feature of unlocking and locking the channels is also included. The information of weather and traffic can be available through the feature of One-touch jump. This product comes with an AUX cable, PowerConnect vehicle dock, Magnetic mount antenna, PowerConnect power adapter, dash mount, extended vent clamps and Vent mount, pads for alcohol preparation and a quick guide. 

6. SiriusXM SXPL1H1 Onyx Plus Satellite Radio.

This Siriusxm XMSXPL1HI Onyx satellite radio gives you a storage capacity of up to 20 channels with a feature of One-Touch access so you can store your favorite channels on this satellite radio and enjoy listening to them. If you want to enjoy 300 plus channels on your app/online or 150 plus channels in your vehicle, then you have the option of buying a subscription of a package of “All Access” and you’ll also get a free service for 3 months. For this subscription, you’ll just have to pay $15 fee for activation and you’ll need a credit card too. Mention a statement “Never miss a beat” and provide the ID of your radio and congratulations for the activation of your package of joy and happiness. The live radio can be replayed, paused and rewind along with allowing you to make a music channel of your own using the feature of TuneMix. The large display is colored and features graphics, channel logos and album art. Also, this satellite radio comes with features such as TuneStart and TuneScan and you can receive alerts of artists or songs whenever your favorite artists or songs are playing on the radio. For parental controls, you can also unlock and lock some of the channels having matured control. For going back to the previous channel, you can use One-touch jump feature along with having a feature of browsing the other channels’ content while you play the current channel. Know the weather and traffic information with its feature of One-Touch access.

7. SiriusXM radio.

Sirius XM satellite radio has a touchscreen and colored display large enough to be easily readable along with showing the information such as program details, channel logos, song title, album art and artist name. Any live radio show can be paused, replayed and rewind on this satellite radio and with a feature of TuneStart, you can begin the songs automatically from the starting on the favorite channels of yours. One more advanced feature of TuneMix is included in this satellite radio through which you can listen the mix of your favorite songs and thus you’re ready to enjoy this radio anywhere you go. For the minimum wires visible, this radio’s touchscreen controller can be installed directly on the car’s dash along with the tuner which will hide behind your car’s dash. All the recent updates about weather and traffic is available on this satellite radio which can be connected with either FM connection or an AUX input. For adding any new features, you can update it with the help of a USB flash drive. The shows which are on demand are available on this satellite radio of more than even 5000 hours. Through a subscription to the package of  “All Access” you can get the benefits of free service for 3 months and for obtaining this offer, you’ll have to provide the ID of your radio and state “Never miss a boat” along with paying $15 fee for activation and a requirement of credit card. This product comes with a display controller which is touchscreen, a hideaway tuner, a vehicle antenna, mounting hardware and flush kit, Power harness, FM adapter, output cable of AUX audio and a quick guide.