Best Shower Radios Reviews 2022

Hello to all the music lovers!!! This time we came up with shower radios which are pretty much exciting devices once you get to know their features. Basically, shower radios are radios but with many new and exciting specifications which lets you listen FM along with your favorite songs in a stunning sound quality. The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect the shower radios to your devices.

These amazing devices also keeps you updated about the weather conditions and other such news or emergencies. They support many radio stations of FM and AM and comes with a large display of LED which shows you both the time and other information in an easily readable form. They are completely waterproof and some of them are even certified with IPX4 or IPX7 or CE or ROHS standards which allows you to immerse these devices in water for up to thirty minutes in a depth of up to 33 feet without damaging your shower radio.

These radio speakers can be used for activities such as camping, trekking, showers, kitchen, at the beach, swimming and can be a great accompanying partner to you. These normally come with a suction cup which holds these radios to the glass, showers, or anywhere you want and you can also hang them on the branches or at any such places. They are mostly with a compact design and portable enough to carry anywhere along with its lightweight. The controls are very easily accessible even when your hands are wet and includes reminders or alerts of low battery along with timers for sleeping or napping. You can know more about these shower radio speakers in the below compiled detailed reviews and we hope that this list of the 10 best shower radios will help you make an informed decision about which one to buy.  

Top Shower Radios Reviews 2022

1. Sangean H205 Waterproof Shower Radio

This Sangean Waterproof shower radio comes with a vertical compact design which saves your valuable space and this small size can fill the shower and offer you the great sound. This shower radio features an amazing reception of FM and AM having a total of 20 presets that is 5 AM, 10 FM and 5 WX. You need not worry about the radio being damaged because of the water because this is waterproof and also fully submersible. Thus, you can take this baby and go wherever you want without worrying about the water entering into it and damaging it. the main usage of radios is of providing information and updates of various matters and this is very essential when it comes to the weather alerts and it also has a siren function which ensures you that it will make you alert at the time of emergencies or severe weather conditions and make you safe and prepared for the same. This shower radio has the capacity of receiving all seven weather channels of NOAA and there is an in-built AM antenna along with a pigtail wire antenna for the weather alert channels and FM. It has a large LCD display and is easy to read with an in-built clock along with an adjustable nap and sleep timers.

2. AGPTEK Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This AGPTEK radio shower enables Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity thus allowing you to connect to your iPad, iPhone, computer, MP3, mobile phones etc. and enjoy your favorite songs from your smartphones directly on your radio shower. The storage provided by this radio is of up to 40 FM radio stations and it is completely waterproof and dustproof so you don’t need to worry about it or go through the struggle of cleaning it again and again. The radio shower supports a display of 24H mode time and the display show radio and time alternately. A rich bass is there due to its extraordinary performance driver of 5W which is capable of delivering stereo sound which is crystal clear. It has in-built 2000mah capacity battery which takes approximately 3 hours of charging and can go on for 10 hours continuously. 

It includes an SD Card slot with an extended storage of up to a whopping 128GB, an in-built MIC which supports hand-free call where you have to press only a key to answer to the call and a redial for the function of last call where you have to press the call button twice for entering this redial function. There is a suction cup for attaching this radio shower to your car window, bathroom tiles, glass or on any other smooth surface. While any outdoor use, you can hang your radio anywhere on the branches or anything using a detachable lanyard. The buttons are of independent silicone which makes the operation of the radio easy and effortless. The product comes with a USB cable, a user manual, 30-day free return policy, a one-year product replacement policy and CE with ROHS certified. Also, when the power is low, this radio shower will give you tones again and again which is a sign for you to keep it on charge and if you can’t do so, the radio will automatically get turned off.

3. Conair Home Shower Radio

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This Conair shower radio features the FM/AM Shower Radio along with a hook for easy hanging of the radio wherever you want, be it for indoor activities such as at the time of showering or cooking or for outdoor activities, you can hang this shower radio on the tree branches or anywhere else according to your requirements. The volume controls and the on/off controls are easy to use and operate and they have little tabs on them thus making it simple to use when you have wet hands. This Conair shower radio is waterproof and so you need not worry about water entering in it and damaging the radio. AAA batteries are rechargeable and works fine with this shower radio. It takes very little of your space and has a compact design.

4. Pyle PSR6 Hanging Shower radio

This shower radio of Pyle has some very interesting features. It is 100% waterproof thus allowing you to enjoy music anywhere you go. It features an LCD display along with a digital clock which allows you to exhibit date and time. There is a set button to set the current time and date and also for switching between exhibiting the date and time, you just have to press the “mode” once and you’re done. It has rotary control knobs for you to easily tune in and adjust the volume. It’s equipped with an in-built analog tuner and an antenna with extended range for the purpose of better reception for radio signal. It comes with a vertical compact design and a hanging hook which will take very little space but will fill up your room or shower with its great sound and it operates on 3 batteries of AA. It has the FM/AM tuner thus enabling you to play your favorite music and you can hang it anywhere you want.

5. HOTT Shower Radio

This HOTT Bluetooth shower radio can be quickly paired to your device such as the iPhone, iPad, smartphones, tablets, etc. thereby providing seamless connectivity and signal transmission for up to a distance of 33 feet. It has the lithium-ion battery of 1000MaH and thus the battery life is of up to 10 hours with the charging time of only 3 hours. The output power is of 3W and due to the dual acoustic drivers, this radio shower can create excellent deep bass with crystal clear sound quality and smooth treble. The LCD screen display enables you to watch time, battery and volume while enjoying your favorite music. It can also operate the FM directly with the band range of 87.5MHz-108MHz. Its water-resistant casing of IPX4 and the strong suction cap can endure the accidental splashes that can occur at office, home, pool, boat trips, beaches, camping, or anywhere else. Due to this suction cap, you can attach this radio shower to the countertops, glass, bathtub side, walls, or to any other place as per your requirements. This shower radio features an in-built microphone, an option of hands free calling for answering your calls using the in-built microphone, supports the MicroSD card thereby allowing you to play songs from your SD card.  The product comes with a USB cable for charging and a user manual.

6. Sangean H201 shower radio

This Sangean H01 shower radio has a total of 25 presets of memory which includes 5 WX, 5 AM and 10 FM presets. It contains a function of Auto seek, with timers of short and sleep which are adjustable. The backlit display is of LCD and is large enough to show the clock of real time, thereby making the display easily readable and includes an indicator for the battery power. It receives all of the 7 weather channels of NOAA and also the reports and thus is certified as a public alert weather radio. It is waterproof and also contains an LED illumination as well as a buzzer for emergencies. Other features include an in-built swivel handle which is very suitable for hanging with an adjustable hanging strap or a carrying strap. For attaching this radio to the walls, it comes with a mounting plate too. The AM antenna is in-built in this shower radio and for the WX and FM, an antenna with wired pigtail is included. This shower radio needs two batteries of D cell or an adapter of AC power.

7. Sony ICF-S80 Shower radio

This Sony shower radio is waterproof and water resistant allowing you to enjoy your songs while cooking or showering without any fear of damaging it. For this radio shower’s easy hanging, a rubber strap which is detachable is included and also a suction cup is provided. You can enjoy amazing sound quality with a loud volume thereby enabling you to listen properly in the shower. The approximate battery life of this shower radio is 100 hours and thus you can enjoy its long life of battery and also there is a feature of automatically turning the power off while not in use. In total, there are five preset buttons and the tuning in very easy. The controls are simple and convenient to use even if your hands are wet.

8. HB Illumination Shower Radio

The HB illumination comes with an in-built FM radio and is waterproof with a rating of IPX7, which means that this shower radio can be immersed in water for up to 1 meter for thirty minutes of time while it will still go on playing your songs. This radio is dustproof and shockproof and is designed in such a way that it is perfect for activities such as fishing, camping, sailing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding and much more. It has a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity which can allow the range of up to 24 feet and its in-built mic permits you to answer your calls. This radio has a very interesting feature of ten mood lights which is LED thereby creating a stunning ambience of your choice.

9. AGPTEK Shower Speaker Radio

The AGPTEK shower radio is supporting the in-built Mic of 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity and range can be of up to ten meters. This Bluetooth connectivity can be used for connecting the various devices such as iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Tablet, MP3, Android, PC Desktop, etc. It’s waterproof as of IPX4, ROHS and CE certified and can be used anywhere you want such as beach, bathroom, swimming pool etc. The speaker output is of 3W and offers you a crystal-clear quality of sound for the greatest experience of listening. The suction cup is provided for easy attachment of this shower radio to the glass, wall, bathtub sides, windows or to another smooth surface and as this shower radio is portable, compact designed and light weighted, it can be your accompanying friend wherever you go. A Li-ion battery of 600mAh takes only 2-3 hours for charging and the radio contains a reminder alert for low power along with a function of auto sleep for saving more energy. Its LED display includes total 6 buttons with a material of silicone which makes the access to the control buttons easy along with the buttons of volume up or down, previous track or next track, ignore or hang up or answer calls, pause, playback, FM or Bluetooth mode and on or off.  The product comes with a USB cable and a user manual.

10. BassPal IPX7 shower radio

The BassPal shower radio is IPX7 certified thereby making it waterproof radio which can be dipped in the depth of 3 feet in water for up to a whole thirty minutes time. Thus, this radio can work efficiently in pool, tubs, showers, beach and can become a floating radio. The suction cup helps attaching this radio speaker to mirror, shower, pool deck, kitchen or at any other smooth surface you want. The driver of this shower radio is of high performance of 5W which can make your room filled with strong bass, loudness and deep treble. This radio is quite easy to carry because of its portability, compact design and lightweight. Its Bluetooth connectivity can provide you a range of 33 feet and devices such as iPad, iPhone, tablets, phones etc. can be connected to this Bluetooth radio speaker. The product comes with a charging cable, a 60 days policy of money back, and a user guide.