Best Replacement Antenna for RAM 1500 Reviews

Antennas are used for transmitting and receiving signals. The signal quality depends on the kind of antenna you are using and on the height of the antenna. Usually taller antennas result in a better reception however, you cannot take the longest antenna and fix it on your vehicle, right? The signal reception also depends on the wavelength. If you are looking for a good antenna to replace the one on your RAM 1500, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will suggest you the best antennas and the most loved ones by our customers and you can choose for yourself the one which best suits your liking and budget. 

Top Replacement Antennas for RAM 1500 Trucks

1. Rydonair Antenna (13 inches)

This antenna is compatible with Dodge RAM 1500 Truck models between the years 2012-2020. The material is quite flexible so that if it is bent, it’ll spring back to its original position. The antenna is made out of rubber because of which it is resistant to bad weather. Plus, it is durable throughout the years. Instead of using the 31-inch long metal shaft, you can switch to this 13-inch long antenna. This antenna is designed mainly for AM and FM bands. Besides, it is really easy to install. All you have to do is unscrew the previous antenna and replace it with this one. 

The base of the antenna has a great finish because of the carbon fiber column. The outer jacket of the antenna is made out of premium rubber which gives it a sleek look and suits well with your vehicle. Customers have loved the product for providing great reception in all areas – city and rural. The clarity is amazing and because it is shorter than the antenna which comes with the RAM 1500 or other similar vehicles, it does not hit trees or even the roof of your garage. It goes well with any vehicle and is worth every penny you spend. Almost everybody is happy with their purchase. This antenna is greatly recommended. 

2. RONIN Factory Bullet Antenna

How would you like to have an antenna which does not get damaged during car washes? For such buyers, RONIN’s Factory Bullet Antenna is the best purchase because it can be left on the vehicle during car washes. It is shaped like a 50 point caliber bullet. It has the dimensions of a real caliber bullet and it is made up of aluminum. The antenna is durable enough to last years because it has hard black anodization on top of the aluminum. You can easily replace the existing antenna by simply unscrewing it and installing this one. The equipment required to install this one is provided with the antenna. One can do it on their own.

This antenna is mostly compatible with Dodge RAM/Ford F-Series models like F120, F350, F250, Super Duty, and Raptor). One can also use this with Dodge RAM Truck models between the year 1994-2004 and with the F-Series 1997-2019 models. It is recommended for those who are looking for Bluetooth or Auxiliary Audio inputs. It should be noted that this antenna cannot be bent or folded. Customers have reviewed the antenna to be working great and they have received great signal strength even on the outskirts of the city. One can install this effortlessly. You won’t have to worry about the quality or the looks because it goes with every vehicle without looking out of the place. Almost everyone recommends this antenna. It has great reviews and ratings plus it isn’t very expensive. 

3. Antenna MastsRus Short Rubber Antenna

This antenna by AntennaMastsRus is German engineered. It is 6 and a ¾ inches in length. All the antennas by this company are tried, tested, and proven. Only after going through these three phases is the product launched for customers to buy. It is made sturdy and one can easily use it for two years. If it breaks then the company will replace it for another one. Its customer service is available for customers at any time. The antenna has 304 stainless steel threading which is different from other antenna bases threading. Just like brass threading gets ruined and the antenna breaks off at the base, this one won’t damage the antenna. The antenna is made from good quality materials. The internal structure is made from a copper coil with high conductivity. The antenna can withstand low as well as great temperatures because the outer cover is made from an EPDM rubber which is durable over the years. 

One can easily install this antenna on their vehicle without having to take more efforts. Besides, to prevent getting duplicate products, one should take a look at the bottom of the antenna where the logo is faintly printed. Customers have found the antenna to suit well with any vehicle because it is black. Of course, another best thing about this antenna is it can be kept on the vehicle when washing the car. The mast is not made flexible so that when the car is driven on roads, it won’t bend and break but rather it goes back to standing upright. Customers have received great reception even outside the city. The audio was very clear plus people did not have to worry about the antenna breaking during traveling with great speed. They were very much satisfied with their purchase and recommend it to anyone who wants a short yet strong antenna.

4. CravenSpeed Stubby Replacement Antenna for Dodge RAM Trucks

The length of this antenna is 3.2 inches. It has been made in the USA by using quality materials. The stubby is created from metals. It is first machined out of billet aluminum and then coated in a powdered manner with a black textured finish. Because it has stainless hardware, one won’t have to worry about corrosion. The antenna won’t break or fade or chip from the bottom and is made durable to last over years. One can use the antenna with all models of Dodge RAM trucks from 2009-2020. It won’t look strange and will suit the vehicle perfectly because it has been designed that way. You won’t need any extra tools or accessories to take off the old antenna and install this new one. One can finish installing with your own hands.

It provides great reception and the signal strength does not fluctuate frequently. One can leave the stubby on the car during car washes because it won’t fall off or break in two pieces. It is a strong antenna that works for years together. Customers have reported some reception loss but that is bound to happen as this antenna is simply 3 inches tall. Although, one won’t find any problem in receiving the local AM/FM signal which comes in just fine. They have reviewed the antenna to be easy to install and praised its durability. Its sleek design is what makes it popular because it does not look out of place. This antenna is recommended to all. 

5. Dodge RAM 3” Antenna Car Antenna Replacement 

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The antenna is made from metal and rubber. Its outer covering is matte-finished which makes it durable and at the same time, it gives the antenna a sleek look. This antenna is wireless and does not need more than bolts since it has direct bolt-on parts. One won’t even have to use additional tools, it is that easy to install this antenna in replacement of the old one. The antenna works amazingly with Dodge RAM 1500/2500/2500 trucks of models 2009-2017. After installing this antenna, you won’t find any disturbance in your Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, On-Star, or Sirius XM radio because these use a separate antenna in your vehicle. It will simply make changes in the reception of your AM/FM signals and give you better clarity. 

Customers have reviewed the antenna to give them a great reception. It is slender yet sturdy and won’t break off because of the speed of the wind. It does not obstruct your vision while driving. And while parking in the garage, it won’t hit the roof of the garage door. Customers have loved how the antenna is just like it has been described. The black color goes with every car which is another plus point to get this antenna. It has good ratings and can be bought without hesitance. 

6. AntennaX Off-Road (13 inches)

The antenna is 13 inches long. It is made of flexible rubber which means it will go back to its original upright position after having been hit by the wind or some hard object. The reception quality with this antenna would definitely improve but not get worse. One won’t have to use many tools to remove the old antenna and fix this new one. It has an easy installation process wherein no wires are included. After using this antenna on your car, you won’t experience any difficulties with your car’s Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio, GPS Navigation or On-Star as the satellites used for these devices are different. 

This antenna is compatible with Dodge RAM 1500 trucks of models between the years 1994 to 2020. It has been finished with a high-quality matte finish. Because it is not very tall, it won’t hit the garage door. People have loved the antenna for its design and how it can go with any car color. They have found a better reception plus installing it was a child’s play after you figure out the parts. They have reviewed it to not bend on highways and even after being on a deserted road, buyers did not experience loss of range. They are very happy with their purchase and recommend others to make one for themselves. 

7. RONIN Factory Antenna (4 inches)

This 4-inch long antenna fits perfectly fine on Dodge RAM 1998-current cars, Ford series (any series along with F150, F250, F350, and Super Raptor) of models between the years 1990 to current. It has a new feature of anti-theft. There is a thread locking compound which does not permit thieves to steal your antenna. It is small yet has a sturdy design. The antenna is car-wash safe and is recommended especially for those who use Bluetooth or Auxiliary audios. 

It is really easy to install the antenna on your own. All you have to do is unscrew the previous one and fit this one. Customers have praised the antenna for its reception quality. However, some found the antenna difficult to take off after a couple of years so it is advised that buyers make a purchase only after they want the antenna permanently. The antenna is built with strong metals and the outer covering is finished with rubber. One can use the antenna for AM/FM tunings. It has decent ratings and one can make a purchase as this comes in the budget.