Best Radio Scanners Reviews 2022

Radios were the important part of our life in earlier times where there were no televisions or cell phones right? They were important devices to stay updated about what is going on in the outside world. But it is wrong to say that these devices are no longer popular or used. There are these radio scanners which still have that capability to deliver the important updates and now, there are even more features attached to them. These include portability, access to many different channels, a Do Not Disturb mode, wide compatibility, easy programming, easy modification of channels, etc.

Thus, to all the radio scanners, we have prepared detailed reviews about top 10 best radio scanners for you to explore in this article and you can thank us later!

Top Radio Scanners Reviews 2022

1. Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld scanner

This classy radio scanner has a total of 500 channels which are alpha-tagged and has a compact design which is convenient enough and includes a lot of different features. Its technology of close call RF capture can immediately tune to the signals from surrounding transmitters and during a transmission going on, a Do Not Disturb Mode can avoid Close Call checks. The radio scanner allows you to listen to both the military as well as civilian bands, which includes important safety and weather alerts, Fire, Marine, Weather, Aircraft, Civil air, Police, Ambulance, Railroad, Racing events, and Amateur radio services and you can also listen to the frequencies of up to 40,000.

There are 500 channels which are divided into ten storage banks which makes your searching process easy and efficient and thus you can find the channel you want to listen to conveniently. This product enables you to organize your channels according to location, department, area of interest, or in any other way you want. The feature of Alpha Tag allows you to assign different names to your channels, thereby you can keep a track of who and what you are listening to. This radio scanner is lightweight with a portable design and can be taken to outings and other places. It includes many features and comes with a display of orange backlight which makes it easy to read, especially in conditions of low light. It enables you to start listening most popular search channels right away with the help of suitable pre-sets.

2. BaoFeng Radio scanner

This BaoFeng Radio scanner has a capacity of transmitting a whopping eight watts and thus is very powerful. A programming cable of PC03 FTDI is highly recommended for an easy programming of PC. It is the 3rd and a final generation of UV-5R and includes some features such as 3 selectable levels of power (i.e., high: 7/8w, medium: 4/5w and low: 1w), an antenna which is a better high-gain (7″) in this radio scanner and a display which is customizable and tri-coloured. It comes with a user manual which can help you in getting used to these new features. The Li-ion battery is of 2000 mAh with a 7.4v and the frequency range is from 65 to 108 MHz (for FM receive), 136 to 174 MHz and a 400 to 520 MHz (for TX/RX). The output power is twice in this new model i.e., 8 watts and this BaoFeng radio scanner has hard and durable radio shell. It contains a large thirty percent battery with 85v antenna which is high gain as mentioned above.

3. Uniden BCD436HP Digital Handheld radio Scanner

This Uniden BCD436HP radio scanner is the 1st scanner to actually integrate the HomePatrol-1, which is easy to use in a conventional handheld radio scanner. The features include an exclusive RF capture of close call connectivity of GPS, a display which is extra-large, a discover mode along with a radio system analysis which has the capacity to put scanner features which are the most advanced right in your hands. This radio scanner is very easy to operate and there is no need for any programming. You just have to turn the scanner on and enter the zip code, that’s it. The rest will be taken care of by the Trunk Tracker V- which follows the signals on Motorola, EDACS, LTR trunked systems, APCO 25 Phase one, Phase two and X2-TDMA. After you turn on the scanner, it will immediately start receiving the communications and signals which are used by police, EMS, public safety, fire, ambulance, weather, military, aircraft and more, thus making this radio scanner user friendly.

4. Whistler WS1040 Digital Handheld Scanner

This Whistler radio scanner has programming which is menu driven with the help of context sensitive where each item of the menu gives a few lines of the text that provides you with the assistance for programming as well as for using the scanner. The scan list feature which enables you to scan, arrange and group the objects as per your preferences. Besides these features, there is a Lock-out function which enables you to lock the found frequencies and you can continue the search in that same band, a function of immediately accessing frequencies with the Skywarn Storm Spotter, a digital AGC feature that will immediately reimburse for less user audio levels which are common on the digital systems. This radio scanner can store frequencies of up to 1,800 and will let you search adjacent frequency transmissions and then will directly jump to a new found transmission. Its mode of virtual scanner can store 21 different scanner configurations for storage capacity of over 38,000 objects which are scannable. The organization of free form memory will allocate and organize memory in a flexible manner as opposed to the old scanners which organized the memory rigidly.

5. Uniden BCD536HP HomePatrol Digital radio scanner

This Uniden BCD536HP radio scanner has the Home Patrol programming, thereby making it the easiest programming professional mobile radio scanner. It has a Wi-Fi feature which lets you utilize the high classed Uniden Siren App which can be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone therefore allowing you to access your radio scanner easily from anywhere at your home or in the vehicle. This radio scanner has a digital Trunk Tracker V (which follows communications on Motorola, EDACS, APCO 25 Phase 1, phase 2, LTR trunked systems and X2-TDMA) of 536HP which is the 1st full desktop/mobile unit requiring no programming by the users. The users just need to turn it on and enter the zip code after which this Trunk Tracker will do its job. The moment you turn it on, this radio scanner receives communications which are used by police, ambulance, EMS, public safety, fire, military, aircraft, weather etc. thus making the scanner user friendly. Also, if you want to scan by your location, it will allow you for setting up the location by a postal/zip code or the GPS coordinates. It includes a close call RF technology for capture which detect the transmissions and tune them even if that frequency is not programmed in a channel.

6. BaoFeng UV-5R Radio scanner

This BaoFeng UV-5R radio scanner contains a display having a Tri-colored background light which is Dual-Band, dual frequency and a dual standby with a frequency range of 136-174MHz or 400-520MHz. The output power is 4/1 watts and includes total 128 channels, 104 DCS and 50 CTCSS. It has an in-built VOX function, a burst tone of 1750Hz, an FM radio with 65MHz to 108MHz. The most amazing features include an LCD display which is large enough and an LED flashlight with different alerts such as emergency alert and low battery alert after its battery saver goes down. It has a low/high RF power that is 25LHz/12.5KHz switchable along with other features such as a time-out timer, a monitor channel and a keypad lock. This product comes with a Li-ion battery of 1800mAh, an antenna of 136-174/400-479.995MHz, an earphone Headset/mic, a belt clip, a hand strap, an ENG manual, an adapter and a desktop charger of 100-240V. It also supports a dual watch and dual reception.
this radio scanner is a multiband FM micro-miniature transceiver with a wide coverage of receiving frequency and thus provides a local area 2-way communication that is amateur and has a supreme monitoring capability.

7. Uniden BC75XLT handheld radio scanner

This Uniden handheld radio scanner has 300 channels which you can program in the scanner memory along with 10 search ranges which are programmable. It has the capture technology of close call RF with a Do Not Disturb mode. There is VHF high/low and UHF frequencies and free software and a port for programming PC. Compatibility of a narrow band is available for you and the classic capture technology of Close Call RF is included. It enables you to search easily for the frequencies which are used by fire, police, marine, racing, railroad, civil air, CB radio, ham radio, weather, etc.

8. BTECH UV-5X3 radio scanner

A new feature of this BTECH radio scanner is display synchronization, which takes complete advantage of dual line display of LCD. This radio scanner allows you to monitor only a single channel which was not possible in earlier times. The dual display allowed the users to monitor 2 different frequencies at one time simultaneously. This feature of display synchronization helps the users to see both the channel’s name as well as the frequency simultaneously and thus it maximizes the available information which can be viewed at a glance. Now, this feature is quite interesting one, that is you can now modify your scanning list on this radio scanner. Earlier, you had to change or manage your scanning list only with the help of a computer. But this radio scanner came to our rescue and convenience and allows the users to easily remove or add the channels from their list. You can also modify your channel mode on this radio scanner! Again, there was a time when you had to go through the struggle of deleting a channel and then recreating it from the very beginning whenever you wanted to change the settings but this radio scanner tells you “No more struggle”. You can easily edit your channels, that is you can change the power level or you can change, add, remove the privacy tones such as DCS and CTCSS. You can also scan through any of the particular frequency range very conveniently. There was a time when users had to scan the complete frequency band while using but this radio scanner permits you to scan frequency step which you select in the menu, thereby allowing you to scan by the additions from a 2.5KHz to 50KHz. Also, this UV-5X3 radio scanner has a display of Tri-band frequency range. This product comes with a battery of 1500mAh, a V-85 Dual-Band Antenna, a 220MHz Single-Band Antenna, CH-5 110V Adapter, CH-5 Charger, Wrist Strap, Earpiece Kit, Belt Clip and a user manual.

9. Radioddity GD-77 DMR Digital/Analog radio scanner

This Radioddity radio scanner has an exceptional quality of audio which will surprise you when you listen the noise free and crystal-clear sound and it does not even distort the sound even when you turn up the volume. It works well with a repeater/hotspot and in conjunction with both of them. It has promiscuous mode and an analog/digital mode which allows you to monitor both DMR community and also to stay in touch with your close ones at the same time on the local analog repeaters. The promiscuous mode will enable you to listen to all talk groups. The settings can be easily programmed with the help of a cable via PC desktop. This radio scanner features an output of high-power 5W, a VHF/UHF capability, a capability of 1/2 tiered double time slot, and a battery power of 2200 mAh. GD-77 is the most cost-effective DMR HT on the market, with hardware construction which is solid enough and the programming software which is very easy to utilize. The highest appeal of this Radioddity radio scanner lies in capability of delivering great compatibility of DMR & crystal-clear sound. It is light-weighted and portable with a battery of high capacity and a customizable design which actually makes this radio scanner a perfect one for both the new users of HAM and experienced users.

10. Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital radio scanner.

This Whistler radio scanner has an interesting feature of programming which is menu driven with the help of context sensitive where each item of the menu will provide you limited lines of the help text which will provide you some assistance with using the scanner and programming. The function of list scanning enables you to scan, arrange and group the objects as per your preference. The memory backup function can store the frequencies of up to 1,800 in the memory without requiring any batteries and can be stored for a prolonged time period. The memory organization is free and not rigid like the old and low-cost radio scanners. You can have instant access to the frequencies which are used by the storm spotter network. The digital AGC can immediately compensate for less user audio level which are very common on digital systems. This radio scanner scans the trunked radio system formats of signaling such as Motorola, LTR, EDACS and P25 radio networks. It supports the monitoring of both individual call and talkgroup.