Best Rabbit Ear TV antenna Reviews 2021

Rabbit ear antennas are early antennas used to get television channel signals to your analog TV.

Best Rabbit Ear TV antenna Reviews

1. Fosmon Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna

  • Connect this to the TV directly through the cable port and enjoy the unlimited and cost-free HDTV channels around you. 
  • It is a digital HDTV signal. 
  • It can be operated in a distance of about 25 to 40 miles and 40 to 64 km.
  • Impedance is 75 ohms and this can be wall-mounted or tabletop.
  • As it can be wall-mounted or used as a tabletop, the installation process is easy and simple so that it can be moved from one place to another place easily without any trouble.
  • This product is also provided with a cable of length 1.5 m or 5ft so we can place it wherever necessary so that we can easily connect to the nearby stations. 

2. RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna

  • When coming choices there are many but this brand provides a website named as “RCA antennas” so that they suggest the antenna that suits your TV and about your area’s channel availability list. 
  • It receives both UHF and VHF signals thus gives the maximum content. 
  • Its design is specific so that it suits and fits in all types of rooms accordingly. 
  • Manufactured with the built-in coaxial cable with 4 foot. 
  • Easy installation process and gives out the best quality HD videos, pictures. 
  • It is an indoor type TV antenna. There are both indoor and outdoor types in other products of this brand. 

3. Wideskall Wideskall Universal Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna

  • It is a dual loop coaxial which is for both VHF and UHF. 
  • The length of the cable is 3 feet. 
  • The antenna can be extended up to 24 inches.
  • It mainly supports up-to 1080 HDTV reception. 
  • Easy installation process so by getting this we can easily escape from the monthly bills of the TV cable. 
  • We can make use of the extendable antenna and coaxial cable so that best signal strength is received from the nearby tower or station. 

4. ViewTV AR-468AW 70 Mile Indoor Standing Amplified Digital TV Antenna

  • This is an amplified digital TV antenna with the adjustable gain. 
  • If you are very close to the tower then simply keep the gain low and if you are away from the tower then set the gain to high or maximum. 
  • The frequency ranges from 40 Mhz to 862 Mhz.
  • It can receive the signal from the range of up to 70 miles and the impedance of this product is 75 ohm.
  • The input voltage is AC 120volts / 60Hz and the maximum output range is about 95 drive. 
  • Install the antenna and after that once tune or check “automatic channel search” all the channels that are available for your TV. 

5. GE Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna

  • Without paying a single penny we can enjoy the unlimited channels that are available i.e; sports, news, national, local, cartoons, etc. 
  • This is a trustworthy brand that provides free technical based support in the USA. 
  • Provides warranty for a lifetime and one of the topmost brands in the USA for the antenna.
  • Get all the local channels at free of cost in 1080 HD quality. 
  • Best sound and videos with excellent signal strength. 
  • In both, the loops VHF and UHF signals are gained and enjoy the local HD quality videos.