13 Best Ota Dvr For Cord Cutters Reviews

Are you tired of those commercials that pop up every time there is a cliffhanger? Have you been missing your favorite shows?

Well, the answer you need is the OTA DVR for the cord cutters! The technology is slowly evolving and so are the people. With these, you can record your favorite shows, skip commercials and also stream on more than one platforms!

Here are 13 OTA DVRs Cord Cutters that you are bound to love!

1. TiVo Bolt OTA for Antenna

The TiVo BOLT OTA for antennas is just the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for the premium TV experience for the regular price. It has been specifically designed keeping the true fans of the entertainment world in kind. It lets you experience true joy for the live, streaming and the recording TV — all just in one device.

It’s like a traditional set-top box except it allows you to broaden your horizons and enjoy all kinds of streaming media the current technology has to offer.

You can gain access to the 4K ultra HD movies from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and a lot more! The device has also been equipped with features like SkipMode and QuickMode. These features help you navigate through ads by skipping them with just one tap. You can also quickie browse through slow motions with these features. It also offers you almost 1 TB of space to store your favorite recordings.

The device also comes with a voice recognized TiVo VOX remote control. You can now watch your favorite shows hands free with this or by connecting it to Amazon Echo.

The compatibility of this product lets you work with TiVo Mini, TiVo Mini VOX, TiVo DVRs, iOS and Android apps as well!

2. Tablo Dual LITE OTA DVR 

Tablo Dual LITE OTA DVR is another fantastic device that will make you forget your cable TV! It allows you to watch, pause and as well as record your live antenna TV. You can also automatically skip, rewind and fast forward the shows. You can browse all kinds of shows and record the ones you like. You can also stream live at any time on any device irrespective of wherever you are.

It also allows you to adjust its position so you can easily get the best Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also enjoy this device on the Tablo live app. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can also enjoy it on devices like computers, smart TVs, streaming media and gaming devices. It also has the HDTV picture quality without any heavy cost. Thus, you’re saving your money and also making the most out of it. Isn’t that just wonderful?

The best part is that it allows all the basic live recording and playback features without any subscription! You can also watch shows from some of the infamous channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and more!

3. TERK HD Digital TV Tuner with DVR 

If you’re looking to record the live HDTV shows for free, this is another great choice for you! The TERK HD digital allows you to record the live HDTV without any monthly fee. You can also easily schedule to record shows that you like.

Have you ever had the trouble of choosing when two of your favorite shows are playing at the same time? Have you ever felt the pain of giving up one sow for another? The solution to that problem is here. You can always watch one show live and record the other with this. No more worrying about missing your favorite shows.

In order to connect to TV, home theater displays or projectors, you can attach the antenna and enjoy all the free local shows available. It also has an USB port in the front to connect to your storage devices.

The entire package includes HD television tuner, power adapter for the tuner, remote control to operate the tuner and HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

4. AVerMedia EzRecorder

The AVerMedia EzRecorder offers you the easiest way to schedule recordings — all at high quality. With this sort of service, you will never again miss any of your favorite shows or broadcasts. It also allows you to capture the moments you like by clicking snapshots. You can also easily pause and resume the video you’re watching without any troublesome procedures or controls.

Another appealing feature the EzRecorder has is the post production options that allow you to edit your video, you can trim it, add final touches, all without the use of an editing software or computer!

The system requirements for this device are a source device with HDMI output and a TV/monitor with HDMI input. It is also advised to use the 5V/2A power adapter that has been provided with the device. Using any other power adapter may result in damage of the device.

The entire package consists of the EzRecorder 130, Power adapter with the required rating, DC to Mini USB cable, remote control with batteries included, a 32 GB USB flash drive, a quick guide and an user manual.

The company of the product also offers live customer service and a warranty of 2 years for registered customers.

5. Mediasonic HW-150PVR ATSC Digital Converter Box

With mediasonic by your side, you can easily convert and watch over-the-air digital broadcasts to your standard analog TV. It offers a series of various functions and features like the favorite channel list, or the parental guide and the ever favorite auto tuning feature.

But that’s not all! It also gives you the HDMI 1080 output, YPbPr output and even coaxial output so you can watch all your favorite shows with the best quality. The closed caption feature is obviously added in so you can have a better understanding of whatever language you’re watching!

Other than all of those features, you can easily schedule shows to record or even record shows in real time.

6. Roamio OTA VOX 1TB DVR

This device is meant for you if you are someone that loves more shows than they can possibly watch. Been missing someone of your favorite shows? Don’t worry! This device has got you covered! With Roamio OTA, you can record upto four different shows and even 150 hours of HD programs! This DVR is only compatible with HDTV antennas since it only wants to give you the best quality that you deserve of course! Also, there is no monthly service fee required for you to pay!

It also comes with a voice controlled remote that lets you quickly search across the various live TV and DVR recordings along with the streaming content to make sure you find what you are looking for with ease.

Another notable feature is the fully integrated streaming apps! This means that you will no longer have to switch inputs, devices or remotes! Isn’t that handy? The streaming apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Pandora and more!

It obviously comes with the Skip feature that lets you skip all the commercial breaks in a recording with just one press! The super awesome quick mode will also let you skip through the show 30% faster with pitch corrected audio!

The OTA reception of the device will depend on the location and the surroundings. So make sure you set it up so that you get the best reception based on the transmitter distance and terrain!

7. SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR5-2US

Is it finally time that you’ve decided to get rid of cable? Go on, we’re here with you! Save on them monthly fees with this device! The HDHomeRun lets you watch TV on multiple devices simultaneously! How amazing is that? No more fights on who gets to watch the TV! How is that possible, you might ask? It is because of the multi tuner services for multiple rooms! With 2 tuners, you can watch TV on two devices simultaneously!

The HDHomeRun is compatible with HDHomeRun DVR Plex, iOS, Android, Windows and also Linux devices! You can also pause recordings on one device and easily resume it on another device!

This device will work on the Wi-Fi network or even your home wired! You can also connect it to your router and increase the number of channels you can watch and also record multiple shows at once!

8. All-in-1 Digital HDMI Component

The All-in-1 Digital HDMI component comes with a premium HD/SD video recorder that has a frequency of 200MHz and 32-bit CPU. It also allows real time HD capture of the video using the hardware encoder. This requires less file size as well as less storage space in the drive!

It is also featured with a HDMI input/ YPbPr/YUV video input and a RCA A/V input. This also features the HDMI output/pass-through with the input so that means that users can easily watch the content being captured on the TV in real time with no lags. All the recordings are also stored in the MPEG4 format. It also ensures that everything you are recording is being stored in the best quality available! Also, all the footage that has been recorded is automatically saved into the external USB drive. It also can easily capture all your best moves when you are playing games!

It also comes with a fully featured video editing package. It can also support software video encoding in formats that include AVI, ASF, MPEG1 and more! The export files of this device are compatible with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP4, Xbox360 and many more devices. It also supports worldwide NTSC.

9. SiliconDust HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro OTA DVR

This device is just like the HDHomeRun we discussed earlier with some more added features! You can pair this device with the HD antenna and connect it to the home network router very easily. It also provides local OTA TV programs for free!

It offers 1 TB of storage, which allows you to record upto 150 hours of live TV! The device can easily plug in with your router at home! You can also download the HDHomeRun app that will allow you to use either Wi-Fi or wired network and easily watch live TV at any time! With this device, you can also record shows from multiple locations at your house!

Since the device comes with 4 TV tuners, you can watch TV from four different devices at the same time! This device is compatible with Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

10. Ematic Digital Converter

With the Ematic digital converter, you can easily convert and watch all digital broadcasts on your analog TV! It also lets you record real time or set a scheduled recording so you never miss your favorite shows!

This device allows you to watch videos and movies, play music, or view photos from a USB drive. It also has functions that allow you to pause live TV! The digital converter comes with parental controls so you can always block inappropriate channels!

You can also record all your favorite shows directly into your USB drive and view them at your leisure.

With an USB drive, you can view videos of formats like MP3, AAC, AVI, MPG and a lot more!

11. Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

Mediasonic ATSC digital converter allows you to receive OTA digital broadcast and convert then to view it on your analog and digital TV, projector, and also your computer monitor.

It has features like antenna out analog pass through, your favorite channel list to make the search and viewing easier! It also comes with the parental control feature. It allows outputs that are HDMI 1080P, composite or coaxial. The closed caption and auto tuning features are also made available!

Real time recording and scheduled recordings are a piece of cake with this! You can record all your favorite shows so you can watch them in your free time without worrying about missing them!

12. Tablo Quad OTA DVR for Cord Cutters

Tablo allows you to skip commercials automatically without having to lift a finger! Not just that, but you can now record upto four OTA TV channels with this device. You can either schedule the recordings or record in real time. Isn’t that exciting?

Since Tablo is a whole-home networked DVR, it has no HDMI connection. It connects to your router instead of your TV. This lets you browse, record, and stream live TV on any device at any time and anywhere.

You can also enjoy Tablo’s features on iOS and Android mobile devices, computers, Smart TVs, streaming media and gaming devices and more platforms by downloading the Tablo apps.

Tablo allows all the basic TV functions and playback features without any subscription, Although, to enjoy the advanced features like automatically skipping commercials and out of home viewing, you will need a subscription.

13. Roamio OTA VOX 1TB DVR (Renewed)

This device is a renewed version of the one we discussed earlier. Although most of its features remain the same, this one is much preferred over the other because it can also work with Alexa!

For a reference of the other features, you can always refer to the older version discussed above since they’re’ the same!

That concludes this article! We hope you find the perfect OTA DVR that suits your tastes!