10 Best Outdoor Long Range FM Radio Antenna Reviews 2022

Outdoor Fm antennas are suitable for who are residing far from city or Fm broadcasting centers and want to enjoy all of their favorite FM channels with high gain signal.

But if you staying within the city then indoor fm antenna do the job for you. you can find our best indoor fm antenna picks from here.

We can say that the FM antenna which is outdoor is the best when it works perfectly in all the extreme weather conditions. It should receive the signals from the tower and produce the best signal strength either with the help of the booster or without the help of the booster.

If it is omnidirectional fm antenna then it will fetch all the available FM channels in the 360 Degrees surrounding area in the antenna range. It will produce the best results without any distortions in the signals and we can enjoy the best signal strength with HD quality.

If there is any problem regarding the signal make sure that the location you are living is far or near from the tower and also the building we are living in should not be built with the hard metals! Because it might be a problem for the receiver of the output antenna to receive the signals from the tower.

10 Best Long Range Outdoor Fm Radio Antenna Reviews

1. Stellar Labs Outdoor FM Antenna Omni-Directional


The outdoor FM antenna is actually designed and manufactured for giving the best and outstanding reception for all the FM broadcast stations.

Omnidirectional outdoor FM aerial antenna means that the outdoor antenna will be rotating in all directions and helps in obtaining the signals from the tower and thus provides the best signal strength and distortion fewer signals.

Specifications :

  • Frequency ranges are from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz.
  • Gain is about 4dB.
  • 360 degrees patter for pick up.
  • Impedance is 75 ohms.
  • As soon as it is bought from the shop it is ready for the installation.
  • Gives the best quality of videos and pictures if all the signals and setup is perfectly located accordingly.

2. FM loop antenna outdoor, Attic mount and RV FM antenna :

FM Loop Antenna Outdoor

This is the largest model with a diameter of  21.5 inch FM loop. So it is the heavy duty FM-10A-LOOP.

Construction of this product is done with heavy duty aluminum. The easy installation process and no coaxial cables are provided.

Specifications :

  • It can be used in houses, offices and guest houses as it is a very high-quality FM loop antenna.
  • Within very less time almost in 3 minutes, we can assemble this.
  • When compared to indoor dipole and whip antennas there are best improvements in digital and analog signals.
  • We no need of worry about buying the extra parts…. All the required parts are included.
  • Hardware attached, integrated balun, high and best quality of tubing is involved and stand-offs.
  • The installation process is easy and simple.
  • Balun is built in so we can directly connect it to the 75-ohm antenna line (but the 75-ohm coaxial cable is not included in this).

3. ANTOP Amplified Outdoor Radio Antenna AM/FM Antenna

ANTOP Amplified Radio Antenna Indoor AM/FM Antenna

ANTOP Amplified Radio Antenna Indoor AM/FM Antenna with Built-in Digital Amplifier booster for Stereo Radio Audio Signals RF Broadcast Receiver Tuner (New Generation) 

  • To avoid interference the antenna should be kept far from the high power consumption devices.
  • For the best signal reception try to place the antenna near the window or as high as possible. 
  • The antenna should be placed in such a place that no metal objects should be covering the antenna. 
  • Manufactured with the built-in low noise amplifier. 
  • It can receive both the AM and FM signals. 
  • When coming to the power supply details it is 6V DC supply. 
  • The range of this antenna is up-to 50 miles from the origin point. of the signal.
  • The frequency range of this antenna is AM: 520-1650 K and FM: 87-108 M.
  • Easy installation process.

4. Winegard HD-6010 HD FM Radio Antenna

Winegard HD-6010 HD FM Radio Antenna

  • This antenna is included with the transformer. 
  • Diameter pipe is mounted to a maximum of 2″.
  • The installation process is easy and its construction is unique. 
  • It receives both UHF and VHF signals. 
  • 300-75 ohm along with the transformer is provided with the product. 
  • Looks excellent and good at signal reception with better quality. 
  • Made in the USA and provides HD quality videos and pictures. 

5. 2018 [New Concept] 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna with Omni-Directional 360 Degree Reception, 60 Miles

2018 [New Concept] 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna with Omni-Directional 360 Degree Reception, 60 Miles

  • Without matter, the direction of the broadcast tower this special amplified outside fm antenna of 1byone receives all the local channels.
  • Satisfaction is the most important thing when coming to consumers. 1byone is counting the happiness of 1 million customers and many more to go. 
  • Its design is special and comfortable to decorate your house and saves your space in the house with a compact design. 
  • Many mounting options are presented like roof, windows, attic, rooms, balconies and other comfortable places to the owner. 
  • Provided with the coaxial cable of length 20ft along with the waterproof kit. 
  • It’s frequency ranges from 87.5-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz. And the gain of the antenna is 32dB. 
  • Power supply using the adapter and options one with 5V and 100 mA. 

6. Outdoor FM Antenna Four Element Directional


  • It is used in applications like RF communications. 
  • The width of the horizontal beam is about 65 degrees. 
  • It has the forward gain of maximum 7dB. 
  • The boom length is 66″.
  • The nominal range of this antenna is 60 to 70 miles. 
  • The frequency ranges between 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz.
  • Manufactured with the female F connector with the impedance of 75 ohms. 
  • The front to back ratio is 15dB maximum.

7. RCA External Fm Antenna Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

TV Antenna – RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna w/ 150 Mile Range (70+ Miles from Broadcast Epicenter) Attic or Roof Mount TV Antenna, Long Range Digital OTA Antenna for Clear Reception, 4K 1080P :

  • For more number of channels, it provides enhanced reception quality. 
  • The indoor antenna provides a good network with the excellent quality of 1080 HD for free. 
  • Provided with the snap-lock elements and easy lock fold-out with good design. 
  • Manufactured with superior quality. 
  • Easy installation process and provided with the coaxial cable of length 6 ft. so just simply connect the cable at its back. 
  • The matching transformer is 75 ohm. 

8. FM DX Antenna Co long range outdoor vertical reception antenna :

FM DX Antenna Co Long Range Outdoor Vertical Reception Antenna 88-108 MHz

The FM DX antenna is one of the popular antennae for the best reception capacity of signals.

It was manufactured in the USA by using the best and high-quality components. Lifetime warranty is not given but limited warranty is given for this product! Because it is made by covering with the centerfire antenna.

While the Construction of this antenna the material used are Stainless Steel, aluminum, UV resistant polymer for long sustainability in outdoor elements.

Specifications :

  • Hardware is included with plated Steel mounted but Pole for this is not included while manufacturing.
  • Receives the frequency ranges between 87 Mhz to 108 Mhz.
  • 75 ohm standard TV coaxial cable is used but the coaxial cable is not included.
  • Can resist to all the weather conditions.
  • The coaxial cable connector is type F.
  • It is vertically polarized and the weight is 63”.
  • Before going to get this please check all the points and lines written in the manual. Mounting Pole which is shown for example is not given while shipping the product.
  • Made in USA and HD quality videos and pictures and stereo.

9. Antennas direct outdoor 3-element FM stereo antenna :

Antennas Direct Outdoor 3-Element FM Stereo Antenna

No products found.

Antenna direct is a directional antenna. It’s not omnidirectional. To connect this to the tuner we need a wire. The wire that is used for connecting this to the tuner is an RG6. Either regular or quad shield, RG59 or RG11 can be used.

Here the antenna a standard F connector on it, same like a TV antenna or the TV set.

Specifications :

  • We have the chance of picking up our favorite FM station with the help of this antenna direct 3-element FM stereo antenna.
  • Frequency ranges are between 88 Mhz to 108 Mhz for this product.
  • This antenna is 47 inches high and 68 inches wider.
  • From the signal tower or from the transmitter it has the capability to receive the signals up to 60 miles.
  • Make sure that you place the outdoor antenna in the correct place so that the signal from the transmitter will be received by the outdoor antenna without any troubles. And thus we can enjoy the best signal strength and good quality.
  • For being a VHF television the antenna is enough to power but it was designed to as an FM radio antenna which can pick up the frequency ranges between 88 Mhz to 108 Mhz.

10. TREE NEW BEE :Amplified HD digital outdoor HDTV antenna :

TREE NEW BEE Amplified HD digital outdoor HDTV antenna

No products found.

It is the long-range antenna which covers the distance of almost 150 miles. And also provided with the motorized 360-degree rotation with the infrared remote control.

It’s a powerful receiving antenna. Best reception quality. The installation process is very easy and simple. Just simply follow the manual instructions as given for this product. Its circuit is built in low noise circuit so it gives less noise. Reception can focus parabolically.

Specifications :

  • This antenna has the capacity to receive the signals from up to 150 miles hence it is called as the long range antenna.
  • Provided with a coaxial cable with a length of 40 ft. As it’s length is more we can place it wherever necessary so that we need not face the problems for selecting the place.
  • Rotor control box and amplifier.
  • Inside the box, it includes all the necessary parts that are needed.
  • We can operate this with the help of the remote and also manually. Both the options are present.
  • It’s working frequency is VHF 40-300 Mhz and UHF 470-860 Mhz.
  • It is resistant to all type of weather conditions so we can place this on the roof also.