Best MURS 2-Way Radios Reviews 2022

Fond of using radios? Well, then you should be glad about it because here we go again, with a list of 4 Top best MURS i.e., Multiple Use radio service radios for a detailed sales review for 2020. 

The radios now come with many different interesting features which we’re sure that you’ll love. The feature of adding a channel or removing it or even skipping it is included in these MURS radios. You can also watch 2 channels at a single time subsequently on these radios.

The sound quality that these radios provide is not at all compromising and are high in quality which is any basic requirement for a good radio. These radios come with LCD displays and are also tri-colored. Keypad lockout feature will make sure that you don’t change anything accidentally on the radio and the frequency range is great too.

The falling off of clips and antenna is prevented and thus don’t need to worry about it. Also, earphone jack is available for your private listening and the batteries are rechargeable thereby saving you from spending a few extra bucks.

Check out the other details about these MURS radios in the below compiled list: 

Best Multi Use Radio Service (MURS) radio reviews 2020


This BTECH MURS-V1 radio is a product by BTECH that is BaoFeng Tech and is licensed free 2-way radio. It happens many a times that you don’t like a channel and want to skip it from your scanning list. Well, this problem of yours is solved as this BTECH MURS-V1 allows you to skip the channels and even remove or add a channel very easily and conveniently. Because of this channel skip feature, annoying channels can be skipped. Like to watch 2 channels subsequently? Well, if yes, then this MURS-V1 radio allows you to watch 2 channels with having only 1 in-built receiver and it is also called Semi duplex.

Thereby, this radio of MURS V-1 will be monitoring both the frequencies but while receiving a call which is incoming, the radio will consider the 1st station as the priority. The LCD display is Tri-colored and has a feature which allows you to select 3 colors. The FM radio has a range of 65.0MHz to 108.0MHz and there are scanning modes of LED flashlight and the modes are power switchable of tone Low/High and a channel mode. The low power is of 500mW and the high power is of 2W. Other features include tone scanning/searching with a dual standby, a programmable PC, channel which is Alpha Numeric, a work mode for storage i.e., Menu lockout, a Busy channel lockout and a Transmission Time-out.

This product comes with a battery of 1800mAh, a CH-8 charger, VHF antenna which is single band, a CH-8 adapter with 110V, earpiece kit, user manual, belt clip and wrist strap. The usage of this radio is very easy and convenient and comes along with three banks of five of the MURS’ 2-way channels which are pre-programmed. It allows you to easily modify this radio for easily using the privacy tones. The changes you make in this radio will be automatically be saved. For preventing any accidental changes in the channels, a keypad lockout feature is included.

2. Retevis RT27V MURS Radio

This RT27V MURS radio is a product by Retevis. The radio comes with a handheld size and is compact as well as super durable for a long and convenient use. This radio is the perfect fit for usage at outdoor activities as well as for commercial purposes. This MURS radio comes with a special bandwidth and VHF frequency, thereby permitting you to effectively coordinate the team communication of yours without having any need to resort to FRS bands which are cluttered.

The range of this MURS radio is pretty decent and a good reception along with each of the channels having private codes ensures that you’ll have a clear and smooth conversation. For increasing the communication clarity, the earpieces of high quality are there which are efficient enough for blocking the noise from the background and thus you can enjoy great performance in any of the noisy environments too. The use of this MURS radio is very easy and the radio is reliable, sturdy and durable and therefore, these radios prove to be very affordable option for improving staff and employee communication avoiding the need of using bulky and traditional radios. Also, the interference of users who are situated nearby are reduced in this MURS radio. Also, a function of digital encryption is provided to you for enabling you to listen only to the voice of your team members.

The proof of this MURS radio being robust is that it comes with new and varied hard materials along with a firmware which is resistant, thereby can tolerate rough use or collision and also the drop-in charger is suitable and fits well in the radio. The antenna is embedded in this MURS radio, preventing the falling off. For perfectly fitting the structure of ear groove, this MURS radio has a very soft earplug with a design which is curved making it very comfortable for a long-time use.

For transmitting sound, this MURS radio contains a tube which is transparent and which actually uses air for transmitting sound instead of using a wire which is of metal. Through this transparent tube, the protection from radiation is provided along with increasing the sound quality. 2 clips made of metal are included in this MURS radio which can be easily clipped firmly. The transparent tube clip can be attached to neckline and the PTT clip can be attached to pockets, cuffs, wherever you need it. This product comes with 5 batteries of 1100mAh, 5 USB chargers, 5 hand straps, 5 belt clips, 5 headsets and a user manual. Also, a headphone jack, MIC socket, rod antenna, monitor switch, channel selector, ABC+PC back switch, PTT call switch and a volume adjustor are included in this MURS radio.  

3. Retevis RT27V VHF MURS Rechargeable Radio

Again, this MURS radio is a product by Retevis. This radio is a VHF enabled thus it can be used for rough conditions. It is durable enough to be used even for your home usage or your work usage as an effective communication tool. The quality of audio is amazing and for blocking the other signal interference, encryption codes are there for each channel.

For making your communication efficient and fast, the frequency of MURS radio will separate your radio from busy frequencies of FRS GMRS. So even if you are there in events or the crowdy places, you’ll not get hindered by other frequencies or signals. A rechargeable battery is provided to you so that it saves you from buying new batteries again and again. An adapter, a USB plug and a charger cradle are all provided to you for easy charging at a road trip or in the car. The use of this MURS radio is very easy such that your kids can also easily operate without having to worry about anything. This MURS radio is reliable, sturdy as well as durable and comes at an affordable price. The radio provides you with a crystal-clear transmission of sound.

The antenna and the firmware are constructed in a high quality and the falling of antenna is prevented as it is embedded in the radio tightly. Also, the clips are prevented from falling off from your body. This MURS radio includes a function of hands-free usage i.e., when it is not possible for you to hold the radio, you can press PTT and activate the voice feature which is called VOX. The product comes with 2 batteries of 1100mAh, 2 USB chargers, 2 adapters, 2 headsets, 2 belt clips along with the hand strap and a user manual. 

4. Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS VHF Radio

This Dakota M538-HT VHF MURS radio can provide you two-way conversation. It acts like a transceiver and transmits as well as receives the messages from other units of MURS. No requirement of FCC license is there and this radio which provides VHF i.e., Very High frequency can operate in the frequency range of 151.820 to 154.600MHz.

This MURS radio provides a high range wireless communication and operation even if the radio is two miles away then the other units, this radio will still receive the messages of alert. The communication is very easy and convenient in this radio and thus it allows you to communicate with any of your staff members or employees who are located at the construction sites or at warehouses or hotels. The transceiver can feature five channels along with the 38 sub channels of privacy.

If you want to listen privately, then no problem, as you got the separate earphone jack too. At the time of receiving any alert signal, this MURS radio will show the alert signal as visual cue thereby notifying you that there is an alert. This can help farmers, outdoorsmen, security guards and small businesses too. An auxiliary chime is also present in this MURS radio which we can connect to output of No relay on the transceiver. This chime can be operated on 2 AA batteries of Alkaline and contains volume control.