Best Mics for Radio Reviews 2022

Communication is essential for all beings. With proper communication between different levels of the society would be hampered. Talk between individuals has to be crystal clear so that miscommunication does not arise. Microphone speaker is one such device which finds extensive use in different realms of life.

So here is a list of microphone speakers from where you may select one today and enjoy smooth distortion free communication.

Top Mics for Radio Reviews 2022

1. Commountain Speaker Mic with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios

This is the perfect speaker mic for best audio experience. It is sure to last for a very long duration of time. This is so since it has a heavy duty design and the housing is fabricated out of high impact engineering plastic. The speaker has got amazing features. The condenser microphone is omni-directional. The sound quality is high and crystal clear due to the availability of electret speaker. The sound emitted is perfectly loud and you can enjoy your favourite tracks smoothly even when the outer world is excessively noisy. The device also comes with a PU Cable that is reinforced by Kevlar fiber and coil cord of high tensile strength. A rugged swivel clip is also provided which is detachable or replaceable. In order to connect the earpiece or headset you can make use of the 3.5 mm audio jack. The cable is approximately 17 inch in length and the coil cord is about 9.05 inch. The speaker has an input power rating of 2.0 Watt but can withstand up to 3 Watt. The device operates on a frequency range of 50 Hz – 20 KHz. The speaker mic is compatible with the following Motorola radios – APX, APX 7000, APX 7000XE, APX 6000XE, XPR 7550, XPR 7350, XPR 6550, XPR 6350, APX8000, APX8000H, APX8000XE, APX8000HXE, APX 900, APX 1000, APX 4000, APX 6000, APX 6000LI.

Features and details 

  • It is a heavy duty speaker mic fabricated in such a manner that it is sure to last for a much longer duration of time. the housing has been made using high impact engineering plastic.
  • The device has got an omni-directional high quality microphone. There is no worry if your immediate environment is loud and noisy, you can still enjoy crystal clear sound due to the presence of electret speaker.
  • The PU Cable has been reinforced with Kevlar fiber. The coil cord available with the set is of high tensile strength.
  • The swivel clip is rugged and can be detached or replaced according to the user’s needs.
  • In order to connect your headset or earpiece an audio jack has been provided which has a diameter of 3.5 mm.
  • The company assures you of providing good customer service when you need it.

2. Coisound Walkie Talkie Two Way Earpiece

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Musical notes and audio hearing experience is mind blowing using this earpiece. The sound quality is sure to captivate anybody’s attention. It basically consists of acoustic coil tube earbud for two-way radios. The jacks for transceivers and radio speaker MIC fit perfectly in the two-way radios such as the MOTOROLA walkie talkies. In order to make it long lasting and sturdy, it has a rugged outer surface and is covered with polyurethane. Thus this is a heavy duty device built for the long term. In order to relieve any sort of strain on the earphone it has been reinforced with a clip to provide cable retention. The earpiece shows complete compatibility with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. No matter how noisy you immediate environment turns out to be, you are sure to enjoy the music every time. It supports working with the Motorola radio. 

The compatible models are – XTN600 XT AXV5100, XTN500, T800XTN446, T100, T600, AXU4100 CLS1413, CLS1450C, CLS1450, CLS1450BB, VL50 SV10, SV21, SV11,SV11D, SU220VHF/ UHF MU11, SV12, SV22, SU22, SU22C, SV22C, SU210, MU12, MU11C, MU11CV, MU12C, MU21C, MU12CV, MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVST MV11, MV11CV, MV11C, MV21C, MV21CV, MV12, MV12CV, MV22CV, MV24CVS CP88, CP110, CP100, CP040, CP150,CP125, CP200, CP300 GP2000, CP250, GP300, GP2100, GP308, GP88, GP68, GP88SSP10, SP21, SP50+, SP50 CT150, CT450, CT250 and the CT450LS PRO series which includes PRO1150, PRO315, PRO2150.

Features and details 

  • This is a heavy duty earpiece and is jacketed using polyurethane. It is sturdy and rugged to withstand heavy outdoor use or use on the recreational level.
  • This is acoustic coiled earbud for two-way radio.
  • It is completely compatible with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.
  • It has superb noise cancelling ability and is sure to provide you with crystal clear audio whenever you use it.
  • This two-way headset is compatible with Motorola series radios such as MVCP/ GP/  SV/ CLS/ MU/ XTN.
  • The set does not work for Baofeng, Kenwood and Midland.

3. Commountain Heavy Speaker Mic for Baofeng Radios

The speaker which not only offers you with best quality sound but is also very sturdy and long lasting is this speaker mic. It is the perfect one to be picked up to make you moments magical with high quality music. The device is sure to last for a very long span of time due to its heavy duty construction. The housing of it has been fabricated from high impact engineering plastic. The microphone condenser is omni-directional and emits superb sound with perfect loudness due to the electret speaker. Kevlar fiber reinforces the PU cable and the coil cord provided in the set has a very high tensile strength. The swivel clip is rugged and is detachable or replaceable. Listening to music via the earphone or headset is possible due to the 3.5 mm audio jack provided in the device. This speaker mic is compatible with a wide range of radios. 

The compatible Kenwood radios include – NX-220 NX320 NX-240 NX-340 NX-420 TK – 

208/ 2130/ 2102/ 2100/ 220/ 2160/ 2170/ 2300/ 2212/ TK-255/ 260G/ 260/ 270/ 270G/ 272G/ 278/ 278G/ NX- 2360/ 2312/ 2400/ 240/ 240d/ 248/ 250

TK – 308/ 3101/ 3100/ 3107/ 3102/ 3130/ 3118/ 3131/ 3160/ 320/ 3170/ 3173/ 3201/ 3200/ 3233207/ 3202/ 3312/ 3230/ 340/ 340D/ 3360/ 3400P/ 350/ 348/ 349/ 353/ 370/ 370G/ 360G/ 372G/ 373G/ 378/ 378G

TK- 430/ 431

TH- F6/ F6A/ D7AG/ D7A/ D7/ D7E/ F7/ F7E/ G71A/ G71

TH – G71E/ K2A/ K2/ K2ET/ K2E/ 21/ 21AT/ 21BT/ 22

TH – 22AT/ 22A/ 22E/ 28/ 26/ 25/ 27/ 31AT/ 31BT/ 41BT/ 41AT

TH – 42/ 42AT/ 42A/ 2E/ 48/47/ 46/ 45/ 75/ 55/ 77/ G71

TH – 41/ 205/ 215/ 235/ 225/ 235E/ 235A/ 315

It is also compatible with the following HYT/ Hytera Radios – 286/ 2088/ 2100/ 2685/ 386/ 278/ 3865/ 6685/ 388

BaoFeng Radios that are compatible with it are – UV- 5RA/ 5RA+/ 5R/ 5RE/ 5RE Plus/ 5RB/ 5RC/ 5RD/ UV-82/ BF- 480/ 490/ 530/ 777/ 888/ 999/ 888S/ 666S/ 777S

It is also compatible with the following PuXing radios – PX333/ 888K/ 888/ 328/ 358/ 666/ 777/ 777PLUS/ 999

Some WouXun Radios which are also compatible with it include – KG-UV1D/ KG-UV2D/ UVDIP/ KG-679/ 689/ 659/ 669/ 639/ 801/ 699

A range of QuanSheng Radios compatible with it are as follows – TG-K4AT/ 22AT/2AT/ 42AT/ 45AT/UV/ 25AT

Compatible RELM Radios are – RPU416 RPU499 RPV516 RPV599X

Arcshell Radios compatible with it include – Arcshell AR-5, Arcshell AR-6

Features and details

  • The set is a heavy duty rugged device which is sure to run for a long duration of time. The housing has been constructed using high impact engineering plastic.
  • The microphone is of high quality and is omni-directional. The electret speaker enables you to enjoy perfectly loud and clear sound even in the midst of a noisy surrounding.
  • Kevlar fiber is reinforced to the PU Cable and the coil cord has a very high tensile strength.
  • The swivel clip is rugged and can be replaced or detached effortlessly.
  • A 3.5 mm audio jack for enabling listening to music via headset or earphone is also provided.
  • Customer service is always assured with this set whenever you need it.

4. Retevis Shoulder Speaker Mic 2 Pin Two Way Radio Microphone

In order to have crystal clear communication with minimum or no distortion, this is the perfect choice. It is also long lasting to ensure that you get satisfactory results. Whenever you need to talk to someone via the walkie-talkies, you can make use of this speaker mic. It is compact and easy to handle. It is also very light in weight. This the perfect pick up for both indoor and outdoor activities such as hiking, factory or construction premises, security and more. It is a heavy duty device build for rough external and indoor purposes. The mic ensures that the audio is perfectly transmitted as well as received. The 360o rotate clip enables you to clip the speaker mic to the shoulder close to the mouth in order to send your voice messages. The speaker is very sensitive and picks up all the sound in its vicinity perfectly. It shows the benefit of being universally compatible. There is a Kenwood 2 pin i.e. the K Head Plug. The diameter of the former pin is 3.5 mm and the in diameter after the pin is 2.5 mm. There is double pin from 8 mm within. The centre distance of the 2 pin is 11 mm. The PU cable is sturdy enough and is sure to last for a long span of time. 

The speaker mic is compatible for the following:

Retevis models such as – H-777/ RT-5R/ RT-5RV/ RT21/ RT22/ H-777S/ RT7/ RT5/ RT2/ RT1/ RT15/ RT17/ RT19/ RT18/ RT23/ RT27/ RT26/ RT28/ RT50/ RT52/ RT53/ RT43/ RT46/ RT67/ RT68/ RT81/ RT80

Fit Baofeng: UV-5R series models, BF-F8HP, UV-82 series, UV-82H, UV-82C, BF- 320/ 480/ 490/ V6/ 888/ 530/ 520/ 666S/ 999/ BF-888S and many others

Arcshell AR-6/ AR-5

Kenwood models include: TH- 42AT/ 42A/ 42/ 2E/ 48/ 47/ 46/ 45/ 55/ 75/ 77/ G71

TH- 205/ 215/ 235A/ 235/ 225/ 235E/ 315/ 41

TK- 208/ 240/ 240D/ 220/ 260/ 250/ 248/ 260G/ 270G/ 270/ 308

TK- 360G/ 372G/ 373G/ 370/ 370G/ 340/ 340D/ 320/ 348/ 350TK-378/ 378G/ 353/ 430/ 431/ 360TK- 2100/ 2160/ 2130/ 2102/ 3100/ 3101/ 3102/ 3107/ TK- 3118/ 3160/ 3130/ 3131 etc.

Linton model numbers compatible with it include: LT- 2288/ 3188/ 5288/ 3288/ 6288/ 2188/ 2268/ 3260/ 6288/ 3268/ 6188/ 3288A

Fit HYT models are: TC286 386 2686 3865 6685/ TC 2100 2088/ TC 278 378 388

Features and details

  • The speaker microphone is compatible with a wide range of models. Almost all Baofeng, Kenwood and Retevis models are compatible with it.
  • The heavy duty design makes it withstand rough use. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar fiber. The PU coil cable is durable and hence will serve for a long time.
  • The remote speaker comes with PPT Mic. By simply pushing a button you can start your conversation with your members. 
  • The clip provided helps you attach it to the collar close to your mouth to facilitate crystal clear and hand free conversation.
  • The size is small and hence it is very handy. It has got a 3.5 mm stereo top pin. The bottom pin is 2.5 mm in diameter and the distance between the two pins is 11 mm.
  • The swivel clips are rugged and enable you to hold the mic in proper place.

5. Coisound 1688 Two Way Radio Headset

These are transparent security headsets which are compatible with all Midland GMRS. The device consists of wrap-around ear clip, an inline VOX PTT switch and a lapel clip. Midland GXT, LXT and the G-series GMRS/FRS radios can make use of this headset. Earbuds or larger headsets can sometimes become uncomfortable and annoying. This headset is extremely comfortable and wrap around your ear to give you the perfect experience. You are enabled to use features like controlling VOX and Push-to-Talk with the help of the inline VOX/PTT switch. The lapel clip makes the set handy and easy to use. This is the best way to enjoy a hand free crystal clear conversation. 

It is compatible with the following LXT series – LXT80, LXT101, LXT100, LXT114, LXT112, LXT110, LXT118, LXT210, LXT300, LXT276, LXT216, LXT303, LXT305, LXT315, LXT312, LXT310, LXT316, LXT318, LXT320, LXT319, LXT322, LXT323, LXT328, LXT326, LXT324, LXT330, LXT335, LXT340, LXT365, LXT376, LXT345, LXT350, LXT360, LXT435, LXT420, LXT380, LXT410, LXT385, LXT440, LXT490, LXT5, LXT460, LXT480

Features and details

  • The device is perfectly transparent from behind which makes it perfect to be used for working security.
  • It is comfortable and fits directly into the ear.
  • In order to retain the cable and cut off any strain on the earphone a reinforced earphone clip is provided.
  • The set can be used with all Midland GMRS/ FRS radios.
  • This headset proves to be very useful for the security industry and many other outdoor activities.
  • Only Midland models are compatible with this set. It will not work with other walkie-talkie models.

6. Commountain Compact Speaker Mic with Reinforced Cable for Baofeng Radio

This is an effective and high quality speaker microphone which is compatible with many models of two-way radios such as Kenwood, Wouxun, Puxing, Arcshell, BaoFeng and TYT. It is compact in size and hence is very handy. The rugged design makes it perfect for rough use. It is sure to serve for a long span of time. The earphone (audio) jack is 3.5 mm in diameter. The cable is very sturdy and is reinforced with Kevlar Fiber. The coil cord is durable and has high tensile strength to withstand all sorts of stretches. The microphone is omni-directional. The set ensures clear transmission of audio with the help of electrets speaker. Thus no matter how noisy your immediate environment turns out to be you can always enjoy clear and distortion free communication. A rugged swivel clip enables you to keep the microphone in place. Waterproof IP55.

Kenwood Radio models with which the mic is compatible include: NX-220 NX-240 NX-320 NX-340 NX-420

TK- 208/ 2130/ 2102/ 2100/ 2160/ 2170/ 2212/ 220/ 2300/ 250/ 248/ 240/ 240D/ 2400/ 2312/ 2360/ TK-255/ 270/ 270G/ 260/ 260G/ 272G/ 278/ 278G

TK-308/ 3103/ 3100/ 3102/ 3118/ 3107/ 3130/ 3131/ 3173/ 3160/ 3170/ 3100/ 310/ 3201/ 3233207/ 3202/ 3230/ 340/ 340D/ 3312/ 3360/ 3400P/ 350/ 349/ 348/ 370/ 353/ 360G/ 370G/ 372G/ 378/ 373G/ 378G


TH- F6/ F6A/ D7AG/ D7A/ D7/ D7E/ F7E/ F7/ G71A/ G71

TH- G71E/ K2E/ K2A/ K2/ K2ET/ 21AT/ 21/ 21BT/ 22

TH- 22E/ 22A/ 22AT/ 25/ 27/ 26/ 28/ 31BT/ 31AT/ 41AT/ 41BT

TH- 41AT/ 42A/ 42/ 2E/ 45/ 46/ 48/ 55/ 75/ 47/ 77/ G71

TH- 205/ 225/ 215/ 235A/ 235/ 235E/ 41/ 315

The Hytera/HYT models which can use this mic include: TC- 2088/ 2685/ 286/ 2100/ 278/ 378/ 386/ 3865/ 6685/ 388

The set is also compatible with the following BaoFeng model: UV-5R/ 5RA+/ 5RA/ 5RC/ 5RB/ 5RE/ 5RD/ 5REPlus/ UV-82/ BF- 530/ 490/ 480/ 777/ 888/ 999/ 777S/ 888S/ 666S

Compatible with the following PuXing radios: PX333/ 888K/ 888/ 358/ 328/ 666/ 777/ 999/ 777PLUS

Compatible with the mentioned WouXun radio models: KG-UV1D/ UVDIP/ KG-UV2D/ KG- 679/ 659/ 669/ 639/ 689/ 699/ 801

The following QuanSheng radio models are also compatible with it: TG-K4AT/ 22AT/ 2AT/ 42AT/ 45AT/ UV/ 25AT

Compatible with RELM radios as follows: RPU416 RPU499 RPV516 RPV599X

Compatible with the following Arcshell radios: Arcshell AR-6, AR-5

Features and details 

  • Its compact size and heavy duty construction makes it easy to handle and long lasting.
  • The set has got great impact strength.
  • The microphone is omni-directional and the electrets speaker transmits very high quality sound even in the midst of a noisy environment.
  • The PU cable is sturdy and is reinforced with Kevlar fiber.
  • The coil cord is durable due to it high tensile strength. It is sure to serve for a long duration of time.
  • The 360o rotating clip is also very rugged.
  • Customer service is assured whenever you need it. 
  • A warranty of 12 months is provided with this set.