Floating on the water in a boat can be a wonderful experience. To make this excursion all the more better, there’s music! 

To play the best music and have a great party on a cruise or a boat, you will definitely need the best marine stereo there is! One that will not let you down. One whose sound quality will have everyone dancing on the boat! 

However, choosing a marine stereo is rather harder and different from choosing a stereo for the car as several factors like moisture and weather needs to be taken care of. 

But you don’t have to worry, since we’ve done all the hard work. So you can just relax and choose the best among these 10 top quality marine stereos we present to you! 


1.Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70 

This marine stereo will be a fun addition to your boat! It consists of 4x50w class a amplifier that is bound to make you fall in love with it. It also offers 2-zone with 1 discrete pre-out and sub-out. It also lets you enjoy the perks of AM, FM, iPhones and other devices through the aux-in feature. It also has an interface for previously mentioned features. This marine stereo is also complete with a built-in bluetooth feature and USB connection. This stereo will easily fit into your car or a boat. It also has an optically bonded glass display that is bound to never disappoint you!

2. BOSS Audio Systems MGR350B

 A classic example of stylish is this marine stereo! With its unique cylindrical design, it draws you towards it. It also has some amazing features! To make your experience smooth sailing, this stereo has been designed to be weather-proof. With its special UV coating for the front panel and conformal coating for the PC board, it can be used during any weather condition! It is also waterproof to a certain extent. It even lets you enjoy the bluetooth feature and play media through the USB port. You can also enjoy the AM and FM features. It also has an auxiliary input to connect external media sources. It also offers output in the front and rear.

3. Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio

This stereo comes with 4x75w power output which lets you enjoy the best of high quality sound. It also comes with various settings for the quality of the sound so you can easily enjoy it at your suitable taste. It also lets you easily connect with the bluetooth so you can enjoy wireless audio from your personal devices. This stereo will also let you answer calls without any hassle through its in built mic. You can also see the call details on the LCD display panel provided. You can also answer calls, end calls and redial the recent dialed number without having to use your phone. The panel also has a place for auxiliary input, USB port and AM/FM radio. The radio/stereo also comes with a remote control to make your fun even more easier! 

4. Kenwood KMR-M325BT

Be always ready to sail with this marine stereo and its improved moisture resistance. It also has a conformal coating to provide more protection to the stereo. Mixing music is now easier than ever as this stereo can connect to 5 bluetooth devices at the same time. The Bluetooth feature also allows you to answer calls. This stereo can also be controlled from far away through a remote control app that connects via bluetooth. It also provides a USB port to connect media externally and control it through the stereo. You can also easily charge your android smartphone with the USB port provided. The stereo is also rather proficient as it can read a wide range of audio file formats. This model can fit into a number of cars and boat as its depth is rather short. 


If you’re confused about which stereo is the best for you and not able to make a decision, this one is bound to make it easier. With a power output of 4x50w, this stereo gives you a great sound quality. It also has a built-in bluetooth feature that will let you answer calls without any hassle and play music that you want to listen to. It also has 3 sets of pre outputs to enjoy the media at a higher volume by connecting to speakers. It also has a display to show you the details of the media you’re listening to. The buttons with a bright blue background light makes it easier to see and control even in the dark!

6. Kenwood Marine Boat Outdoor Bluetooth

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The entire package of this set includes a stereo receiver with 4×6.5 marine speakers and a 50 ft wire along with one radio antenna. This marine speaker had various music sources and its sound quality that is loud enough to overcome the sounds of waves will certainly leave you impressed. It also has a conformal coating that helps prevent moisture from getting into the circuit. The speakers not only give the best sound but are also durable and stylish. The stereo is designed to be weather-proof so you can travel without any unnecessary problems. The bluetooth will also allow you to connect to your smartphones and enjoy wireless hassle-free music!

7. Kenwood KMR-D375BT

Want to play your favorite CD on the stereo? In that case, this is the most recommendable stereo for you! It comes with a CD receiver. It also allows you to male dual phone connections and has a USB port to play external media sources. It also has a built-in bluetooth feature that lets you to have the best experience with the wireless media connection. It also has an auxiliary input connection source to make things easier. The classic display also lets you easily navigate through the songs and music channels. It also comes with a mic so you can answer calls without disconnecting your phone!

8. BOSS Audio Systems MR1308UAB

With the in-built Bluetooth feature, navigate easily through spotify or pandora at the tip of your fingers. This stereo is also weather-proof and can even pass through a storm unscathed! The USB and SD ports allow you to connect to external media sources. You can also tune in to the AM/FM radio stations for various updates. The auxiliary input is also provided which is compatible with audio output from phones and other MP3 players. It also provides outputs to connect your speakers and amplify the fun and volume! 


A stereo with updated features that is unlike any other. It comes with a bluetooth marine receiver. It also has 4 pieces of 6.5 inches speakers that are waterproof. It can also play CDs along with other external media sources that can be connected through the USB port. It also comes with a radio shield to make it immune to the harmful surroundings. It can also be controlled through the remote control. You can also easily tune into the AM/FM radio stations with this stereo. The elements of this stereo are waterproof so you can depend on its durability. The range of the wireless bluetooth feature is upto 16 ft so you can now have fun without worrying! Hands free calling is now easier. The auxiliary input provided can be used for external media sources and headphones!

10. Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Radio

At the highest of 200 watt peak power, this stereo will give you a high quality sound and make sure you’re having fun while floating without having to strain your ears for being able to listen properly. This stereo too, allows you to connect with other devices via bluetooth without any troublesome procedures. It also lets you use the external sources through the auxiliary input, USB port, SD memory card slot and AM/FM radio stations. The various volume adjustments like treble, bass and more will let you enjoy the sound that pleases your ear the most. The LCD display screen will let you see and adjust your settings more clearly. The buttons and knobs are also easily controllable for a better experience. The stereo is waterproof and weather-proof. It also has a remote control and power harness adapters. 

11. Sony MEX-M72BT

The dual Bluetooth feature of this stereo lets you connect to two smartphones at the same time. Connecting via bluetooth has been made easy with the NFC technology. You can also voice control it with siri eyes free mode. It also has a high power amplifier to deliver the most natural sounding and clear audio to you. The UV-resistant finish and anti-corrosive coating makes it durable for long term use. It is also weather-proof. It also has a USB port that lets you connect to various music players and smartphones.

12. Kenwood Bluetooth CD MP3 USB AUX AM/FM Marine Boat Stereo

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A Marine CD receiver with AM/FM tuner, this stereo is something you will certainly enjoy! With a built-in amplifier, it can give you a wonderful hearing experience. You can use this to play CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs. This stereo is also conformal coated to improve its water resistance and increase durability. It offers a covered CD slot, USB port, and auxiliary inputs. It has a great display with background lights to make it easy to perceive and adjust. The various buttons and knobs also help use as many features as you want to without any trouble. You can also connect to bluetooth devices and use the hands free feature to answer or decline the calls. 

It is finally time to pick your favorite stereo and go boating with your friends and family! Let the next trip you go for be the best you’ve ever been on!