Best Insignia HDTV Antenna Reviews 2022

Looking for antennas that can provide you with high quality signals!!. Are you willing to get rid of paying high amounts for cable every month?  Is the short range problem for you? 

To fulfil your needs we present for you some good HDTV antennas from one of the most trusted brands in the market.

The best antennas make it possible for you to receive antennas even in the most remote places. The weather resistance property to provide you the best signals is a must too.

Let’s have a look at some of the best HDTV antennas from insignia a reputed brand for electronics.

Best Insignia HDTV Antenna Reviews

1. Insignia – Multidirectional HDTV Antenna – White

The insignia multidirectional HDTV antenna is compatible . It provides you a wider range and can be used with a co axial interface . Along with the antenna in the kit , it also have the co axial cable which it long enough to make it easy to set up .

The antenna receives both UHF and VHF channels providing you wider choice and great strength with it. You can enjoy all your favourite programs , sports and news channels without the monthly bill that burns holes in your pocket. 

The antenna lets you enjoy high quality signals at 1080p and 720p. The range of antennas is upto 40 miles . If you do not have ample space in your house , this will not be an issue because these antennas can be mounted on the walls. You can also place the antenna over any flat surface or as a stand.

Some people faced the issue the signal is lost sometimes but overall this antenna works great.


  • Compatible with all the television brands.
  • Long co axial cable
  • Easy to set up.
  • Receives both VHf and UHF channels.
  • Long range of 40 miles.


  •  You may face signal loss sometimes.

2. Insignia Hdtv Antenna

The antenna lets you experience all your local channels in full HD. It is designed in a way to let you watch all your channels for free without having to pay the  monthly bills. Not only this the signals are fully high definition with 1080p quality.

This antenna is highly compatible and works with all the television brands. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and great customer service.

The quality of signal will depend on the terrain , your distance from the tower, mountains and other hilly areas may create barrier. For best results set the antenna such that it faces the broadcast towers. This would provide you the best performance.

The range of the antenna is upto 40 miles and it comes with a 5 foot co axial cable. The long cable making it easier to set up the antenna .


  • Compatible.
  • High quality performance.
  • Affordable and easy to set up.


  • Causes signal loss sometimes.
  • Range may not be as much as 40 miles at all places.

3. Insignia NS-DXA1 Digital to Analog TV Tuner Converter Box for Regular TV Sets

If you are thinking of changing your old television for a newer one to improve the quality , but this converter instead. This antenna convertor is able to pick up new signals and display there on your older television. The antenna converts the digital TV signals into the analog signals . The device is built to support 4:3  tv aspect modes , you can set it by program , cropped , squeezed or letterbox . It offers you to watch your television in three languages ( french , english and spanish). To restrict broadcasting certain channels it allows you to apply parental lock . It also includes electronic programming guide


  • It has a small size.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It gives you improved picture quality over the analog Tv tuners
  • Light in weight and has a remote that has buttons for controlling many features.
  • It comes with LED light to tell you when the tuner is on and off.  Red light tells that tuner is on and the blue light tells that the tuner is off.


  • The onscreen television guide is not that helpful. It only includes simple channels that are current or upcoming channels you are tuned to.
  • The tuner may fail to receive the weak signals and result in weaker or broken signals . Thus you require to set it in the proper direction.
  • The remote only turns the television on and off.

These are the three antennal from insignia that are built for convenient installation and high quality signals at an affordable price . Buy the one that meets your needs . Hurry up!