10 Best 100 Mile Range Tv Antennas 2021

An indoor antenna is placed indoor for the purpose of radio or TV.

It is the better and cheap way, only if the receiver is very close to the broadcasting transmitter. If they are close the noise levels will be high in case of AC.

After a certain distance or if the walls of the building are long and hard it will be not possible for the transmission of waves. Due to the shelf affect the signal strength will be decreased.


For the digital HDTV, it gives the high performance for the 100-mile long range to the whole house.

How will this product help us in reducing the cost and save our money?

This product saves our money to a great extent by, avoiding any numbers of antennas. satellite and cable cost can be avoided by using this marathon antenna. By connecting to this we can get a connection to 4 TVs by this one HDTV antenna.

To any of the rooms in the house, the indoor-outdoor antenna provides high power amplification independently.

Specifications :

  • By using a 110V outlet and standard cable the setup is very simple and easy.
  • Noise levels are minimum and power gain is at maximum.
  • The power gain is 40 dB and noise levels are less than 3.5 dB.
  • This is the best rated long range HDTV antenna in the market.
  • Giving the best results to the customers.
  • Throw away multiple antennae and get this marathon to the home and get the excellent signal with long range.
  • It is also included with the 4G/LTE filter circuitry in a sealed compact unit design which also receives both FM and AM signals.
  • This product can be installed just in 3 steps thus it is an easy 3 step installation.


It is the latest version and model of 2018. The product provides the crystal clear 1080p HDTV reception. We all know about the problems regarding cable TV and their cost. Stop wasting your money and get HD quality by using this product and say bye to cable operators!

Easy and simple setup procedure. Just visit the site or contact the nearest radio tower to your locality through the website. Set the antenna near to the window or as high as possible. Later after all the setup just scan the TV channels and then start enjoying your favorite channel with HD quality!

Specifications :

  • Hotcat antenna voltage is 5V and its impedance is 75 ohm.
  • The frequency ranges are VHF 174-240 Mhz and UHF 470-862 Mhz.
  • The length of coaxial cable is 16.5 FT.
  • Satisfaction of the customer is most important! So lifetime warranty is given for this product.
  • Always feel free to contact the customer service for any queries and get your satisfaction.
  • No power required and as it is thin and Slim it’s easy to fit and handle at any place.
  • As the coaxial cable length is 16.5 ft, the customer need not get worried about the distance from television to the window. The reception is easy by this.
  • Smart switch technology to helps us in an effective way.


The latest type of digital indoor TV antenna with powerful amplifier signal booster which supports 4k 1080p.

Provided with the coaxial cable of length 16.5ft.

Because if the 1080p HDTV always gives the best quality of content. In the modern era, the cost of living is very high and people sometimes even can’t reach their needs with their low financial background.

So get full TV channels with this WSKY HD digital indoor antenna which is very latest.

Specifications :

  • Amplifier usage is very simple. Just connect and no connection are the 2 options. Once check by connecting the amplifier if the signal is weak. Next, if the signal is strong then no connect the amplifier. Check and select one of the options basing on the locality of yours.
  • The detachable antenna can be removed if the house is located within the range of 20 miles from the tower nearby the house.
  • Try to place the antenna as high as possible and for the normal use the amplifier should be connected to the TV’S USB, if the USB is not there to the television then a power adapter should be purchased.
  • The silver slurry which is imported from the US is used and also pure copper to avoid loose connections in between the wires or cables.
  • For the best sound and excellent picture quality, 4k ultra HD is used.
  • No normal PVC material is used! Only the Best and eco-friendly Flame retardant double PC which is very soft material is used in it.


Ranges from 70-100 miles provided with the detachable amplifier signal booster.

Easy and quick setup process. Just simply visit the website www.antennapoint.com and search for the nearest radio tower to your locality.

Next place the antenna, connect the TV antenna and then scan for channels. Start enjoying the best HD quality pictures and videos in all the available channels.

If the indoor antenna is moved from one place to another then once again rescan the channels for better results.

If the indoor antenna is not working or not reaching your expectations then check the manual instructions as given, or place the indoor antenna very close to the window and try different locations.

Specifications :

  • Provided with the coaxial cable of length 16.5ft so there is no problem of shifting the indoor antenna wherever necessary for better reception.
  • Impedance is 75 ohm and frequency ranges are UHF 470-862 Mhz and VHF 174-240 Mhz.
  • Lifetime warranty is given for this product and that’s the assurance for the customer regarding the best services of the product.
  • With the voltage of 5 v and compatible for 720p, 1080i, HD, 1080p, 4k / ATSC.
  • It optimizes the most reasonable condition with its butterfly pattern.
  • Our antenna is reliable with its ANTI-STATIC and ANTI-LIGHTNING.

Monga professional indoor TV antenna :

100-mile long range HDTV digital antenna which provides all the local channels too. And a detachable amplifier along with the coaxial cable of length 16 ft.

Start enjoying your favorite channel, local news and national channels without any charges. Come out of all the heavy bills of both cable and satellite.

For the product of this antenna, the best material is used and super design is produced. To eradicate loose connections best Copper material is used and slurry silver from the US.

Specifications :

  • To get out from the problem of 3M sticker which is very hard to solve this product is manufactured by inducing bundled velcro and pair of air suckers.
  • Coaxial cables are very useful for the customers whose TV are little far from the window. So that they can make use of this coaxial cable.
  • 12 months of warranty given for this product and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If any problems regarding the product then immediately feel free to contact the customer service or the operator.
  • Due to the presence of anti-static and anti-lightning, it is possible to avoid all type of climatic ups and downs because this is the updated version.
  • For the signals above 80 miles, it is possible to receive the signals by the presence of the detachable antenna.
  • With its high gain, it is possible to enjoy all the HD quality videos and pictures, news, local and national channels, weather conditions, children’s cartoons etc.


Programmed for all the television models. For better reception of the signal, we can shift for the indoor antenna to wherever necessary with the help of the coaxial cable. The New generation thickness of the antenna is just 0.4 inch. 3M sticker problem dealing is not an easy task! So to solve this, the product is provided with a pair of air suckers and also with bundled velcro.

For finding the channels, first of all, we need to select the signal ranges. In order to select that we have 2 modes of signal ranges.

  1. short range
  2. long range.

In the short range mode it is 0-20 miles and for long range, it is 20-100 miles.

Specifications :

  • YSCONG is provided with an amplifier signal booster, a coaxial cable of length 13.2ft, USB power adapter along with an extra cable, USB wall charger.
  • As keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customer and all the circumstances, this product is manufactured. Hence lifetime warranty is given. If any problem arises contact the dealer and get refunded in 120 days from purchase.
  • If the house is very nearer to the tower the signal will be excellent and strong enough for the reception to receive. Use the detachable antenna only when the house is far from more than 20 miles.
  • The antenna should be kept far from the large power consumption devices like a washing machine, hairdryer, Air conditioner, etc.
  • Remove and reconnect the antenna if the problem arises in case of signal reception and distortions. Or follow the manual instructions as given for this product.