Best Ham Radio Antenna Upgrade for Bao-Feng UV-5R

Ham radio is a popular name for amateur radio. These kinds of radios are used for non-commercial uses for exchange of messages, self-training, wireless experimentation, private recreation, radiosport, contesting, and emergency communication. These radios use transmitters, receivers, and antennas to send voices, digital data, or Morse code.

They, just like other wireless technologies, make use of electromagnetic radiation. Having an antenna with less height can give you the satisfaction of carrying it around with ease but the range in which you communicate through the radio is compromised. If you do want your radio to work better, then you must get an antenna of the necessary height which will improve the range and give you the best experience of using a Ham radio.

Now, the length of the antenna depends on the purpose of the radio. The following are some of the best antennas which might be the one you are looking for. 

1. ExpertPower XP-771 SMA-F Antenna for BaoFeng Radios

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This product was created while keeping in mind the BaoFeng radios. The antenna fits inside the radio and does not leave any gap which protects your radio from elements. This antenna by ExpertPower is 14.5 inches in length and has a dual-band frequency 144-146 MHz and 430-440 MHz. The antenna is durable, works even in tough weather, and is resilient. It is flexible yet has durability in every condition. Customers get a year’s guarantee with this antenna. If they suffer any issue, they can simply call the customer and get the product replaced, if necessary.

Customers have reviewed this antenna to have great reception at an affordable price. The cap at the base is made of solid plastic instead of rubber. It has a textured base that makes the installation and removal process effortless. Because it is a dual-band frequency antenna, people have loved it. It can be used when driving through, it works better when there is no roof above the antenna. One can even use it during backpacking or hiking or on trips. It is one of the most reviewed products and is highly recommended. 

2. ExpertPower XP-669C SMA-F Antenna for BaoFeng Radios

This antenna by ExpertPower is 7.5 inches in length and has a UHF and VHF of 144-146 MHz and 430-440 MHz. Yes, it has a dual-band frequency which makes it one of the most loved antennas. Even though it is rugged, made of quality material, and can withstand any weather, customers get a year’s warranty with the product. It is durable and can be used over the years. The antenna, once fixed, does not wobble or move around and sits in the gap perfectly without leaving any spaces.

Customers have found the antenna quite easy to install on their Ham radio. It has a solid plastic cap at the end instead of a rubber one. They have reviewed the antenna to be weather-proof, durable in tough conditions, and made out of quality material and all of these with the antenna having good reception. They have loved this antenna better than other ones because it has a lesser length than most antennas, plus it is reliable. This antenna has good ratings and is recommended. 

3. Mirkit Foldable Tactical Antenna with SMA-Female Connector

This product has been made out of quality materials which can boost the two-way signal of your radio effectively. It can be folded and bent. It has a dual-band frequency between 136 and 174 MHz and 400 and 520 MHz. It has an adjustable gooseneck that can be folded and is made flexible for the same purpose. This radio can be used in a range of more than 6.5 miles. This can be further extended. The antenna is 18 inches tall.

Customers have loved the product for its versatility and its great quality. They have got an amazing reception for their radio and the signal does not fluctuate much. Because of the antenna, the user can reach many people living in opposite directions. It has good recommendations because the customers were satisfied with their purchase. 

4. Retevis RHD-771 2-Way Radio Antenna Extension 

This antenna is made from good material and does not break when deformed. It uses ABS material and a heat-shrinkable sleeve. The length of the antenna is about 39 cm. It gains 2.15 dB of sound and the maximum power used by this antenna is 20W. It has a maximum frequency between 144 MHz and 430 MHz. Since it is a two-way antenna, it can be used in an extensive range. It works with many BaoFeng walkie talkies and radios. It can be used while hiking, mountaineering, and biking. It fits correctly on the radio and does not move. There is no need to trim or cut the antenna. Radios with a female SMA connector can use this antenna to increase the signal quality. 

Customers were very much satisfied with their purchase. They got a good reception and the signal quality was improved effectively. This antenna adds several miles of range to your radio and the best part is it works with not only BaoFeng radios but with Retevis, Kenwood, too. Because this comes at a cheap cost, anyone can make a purchase and enjoy talking to someone miles away. Many customers did not know how to set up their antenna for which they contacted the customer service. Their problem was soon solved because of which this product is said to be amazing!

5. Walkie Talkie Antenna by Luiton

This is a 15.6-inch long whip with a dual-band frequency service. It has a maximum range of 140-430 MHz with an impedance of 50 ohms. It has a female SMA connector. It is compatible with UV-82, UV-B5, BF-F8HP, GT-3, UV-5RE, UV-5RA, and UV-5R. This is an updated model that has an extension of the antenna cover for the protection of the radio’s SMA male base from the elements. Customers get a 12 months’ warranty against manufacturing defects if any faced. It should be noted that this is a pack of 2 antennas. With the product, one also gets two rubber spacers. 

According to the users, this antenna fits a little tight but that has proven to be good because it does not slip out. Because of the rubber case, it has a tight grip but works great. It can extend the range by 30%. It gives a clear reception. Elevation or distance does not cause any obstruction in the clarity of reception. This product has been reviewed to be great no matter where you use it. It has been greatly recommended by happy customers. 

6. ABBREE SMA-Female Dual-Band Frequency Ham Two-Way Radio

This antenna is as long as 18.8 inches. It has a dual-band frequency of VHF and UHF between 144 MHz and 430 MHz. This antenna can be folded as per the requirement. It has a female SMA connector and a gain of 2.5 dBi. This product is mostly compatible with BaoFeng UV-5R, UV-9R, UV-82, UV-82WP, BF-F8HP, UV-XR, UV-5RWP, and GT-3WP. It should be noted that it is not compatible with waterproof radios. For the same, one can contact ABBREE. It uses 20W of maximum power with an impedance of 50 ohms. 

Customers have reviewed the product to be It gives good reception unless in a crowded area where static appears. It works great in open areas like in woods and one can even take it out during hiking, or mountaineering. This is like an improvement on the rubber duck antenna. Plus, it is easy to install and is durable. It is made out of quality materials and can be used for years. People have recommended it for those in need of a better transmission range. 

7. Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-771 for BTECH and BaoFeng Radios

This updated version may need a rubber spacer on your radio. But not to worry, because it comes with this product. Besides, it has an extended antenna cover that protects your SMA male base from the elements. If you love camping, hiking, and mountaineering, then this antenna is a must-have for you because it is 16 inches long. It will provide good reception and enhanced clarity. Even though the antenna is flexible, it has a rough construction. The antenna is compatible with all the BTECH and BaoFeng radios but is most ideal with UV-5R, UV-8HP, BF-F8HP, and SMA-F connections. 

Customers have found that the antenna uses a max power of 10W and an impedance of 50 ohms. They have reviewed the antenna to work even in busy crowds. It has a rugged material that helps in causing less damage to the antenna in case it falls or gets hit somewhere or something hits it. They have loved the cost at which they can buy this product. It has been said to be great for its price. Signal quality is improved and clarity is amazing. Customers recommend this to anyone by saying that they won’t be upset with the product.