Best 7 DEWALT radios reviews in 2022

Hello guys! Today, we are again back with the radios but this time it is all about the DEWALT radios. Do you think that listening to some music along with working actually makes your work very much more pleasurable and enjoyable and results in your increased productivity? If yes, then here comes these Jobsite radios which can satisfy you in many criteria. Basically, you expect these radios to be durable enough to sustain at your Jobsite, right? Well, you don’t have to worry about this because these radios are specially made radios which are weather resistant and durable enough to sustain wherever your workplace is. The second more important thing to consider about Jobsite radios is the sound quality they provide. Even for this, you don’t have to worry because they provide with clear, complete and rich quality of sound as you may expect form the other radios. Other features include the Bluetooth connectivity through which you can connect your device to the radio and listen to the favorite music of yours at your Jobsite. Also, the battery life is quite longer thereby permitting you to enjoy you work for a longer time. This is just the summary of these Jobsite radios and for knowing more about them, you should consider the below given list of 6 best Jobsite radio which we have compiled for making your task easier if you want to purchase one. Check them out here

Best 7 DEWALT radios reviews in 2022

1. DEWALT MAX/18V/12V Jobsite radio.

The Dewalt jobsite radio comes with a design of Heavy duty and its durability is increased because of the roll cage which is also included in this radio. It is capable of withstanding the conditions of job sites and typically run on a battery pack of 12V MAX/18V/20V. The power of DC/AC allows you to flexibly run off the power cord of AC. For the charging purposes, a power port of USB is provided so that you can charge the radio when it is plugged in wall outlet of AC. For connecting to the MP3, CD, satellite receivers or any other audio devices, an auxiliary input of 3.5mm is included. The nominal voltage in this jobsite radio is 18 and the initial voltage of the battery is a maximum of 20 volts. This radio is secured in a storage box for protecting it from outside damage and debris. 

2. DEWALT ToughSystem Radio.

This DEWALT ToughSystem radio comes with 4 tweeters which are full ranged along with an assisted bass resonator and a subwoofer. This can amaze you with its premium sound quality and permits you to connect Bluetooth of your radio with your smartphones or music devices for up to a distance of 100 feet. The capability of charging is provided for 2 types of power tools, 12V MAX and a 20V MAX. This DEWALT radio is also dust and water resistant with a rating of IP54. The battery is of Li-ion and can be plugged in an outlet of the wall. The nominal voltage in this radio is 18V and initial battery has a maximum voltage of 20V. It features an LED indicator for displaying the charging status and a quick charging makes sure that you can enjoy great battery life without having the need of pausing again and again for putting the radio on charging. Also, the display shows the details about temperature of the battery and when to change the battery pack. For charging the compatible devices, USB ports are also available. 

3. DEWALT DC012 radio.

This cordless radio runs on DEWALT batteries of 12V-18V and the power outlets are there in this radio which are very capable of offering increased versatility for the purposes of jobsite work. An optimum run time is available in this DEWALT radio which can extend the overall battery life. An in-built clock is included in this radio along with the memory pre-sets of up to 15 stations and a digital tuner of FM/AM and an LCD display. This speaker radio is weather resistant which means it is less likely to get damaged and thus the efficiency is high enough in this radio. For maximum range and bass, the two bass ports are included. An auxiliary port is also there which allow you to connect to MP3 players, CD players and the satellite receivers which are portable along with audio cable. The antenna is dual pivoting with a size of 11 inches which can provide optimum durability along with an increased reception. The nominal voltage in this radio is of 18V and the initial voltage of battery is 20V at its maximum. The radio doesn’t need a separate charger as it is charging system cum audio player, 2 in 1.

4. DEWALT DCR010 speaker radio.

The DEWALT DCR010 radio has interesting features such as for obtaining better stereo sound, dual speakers are included with a 100 ft range of the connectivity of Bluetooth. The radio is very portable and you can carry it very conveniently with the in-built handle for carrying. The radio allows you to control the volume of the speaker, play or pause the channels and also skip the tracks whichever you want to. For increasing the performance of low frequency, the port of Brass reflex is provided. This radio is already a good fit for jobsite purposes along with providing you with great sound quality. Your workdays can be increased when you stream podcasts or your favourite music with the help of the Bluetooth connectivity. Also, an auxiliary input is offered to you and you can thus directly plug in the devices you want. Charging the phone is made easy with the help of a separate USB port. Due to its housing which is impact resistant and metal grille, less chances of radio damages are there thus making it the robust radio speaker. Along with all these amazing features, a warranty of 3 years is also provided to you with this radio.

5. DEWALT DWST17510 TSTAK Bluetooth Radio.

This DEWALT TSTAK radio can be powered by both the power cord of AC and with the DEWALT batteries of 20V or 60V which provides the charging of 3 AMP. A 100 ft range of Bluetooth connectivity is offered to you in this radio speaker with two power outlets of AC. It also includes charging ports of 2.1 AMP charging port of USB and an AUX cable charging port. For preventing the radio interference in your device, a control protocol named Audio Video Remote is included. For providing you with clear, rich and complete sound, 20W are there for tweeters, woofers for per channel and air ports are present in this radio. Last but not the least, a bottle opener is also provided with this radio which serves you as additional bonus.

6. DEWALT   DCR025 Jobsite Radio.

The DEWALT DCR025 jobsite radio again comes with a 100 ft Bluetooth connectivity and includes two added power outlets of AC. Charging ports of 2.1 AMP and an AUX is provided. The radio is powered by a power cord of AC along with the DEWALT batteries with 20V or 60V for giving you the great battery life. Due to these batteries, a charging of 3 AMP is there when you plug your radio in an AC power.