Clearstream Antenna Reviews 2022

Clearstream antenna is one of the larger mounts antennas as we tested . It is the best in the areas of  strong to medium signal strength. It is designed with the multi-directional ,used for receiving signals from multiple directions at any strength . If you have a more no. of TV transmitter in different directions,but can be a hassle.

Here are the best featured clearstream antennas which you are searching for 

1. Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V TV Antenna ,black -C2-V-CJM

This antennas direct clearstream 2v is designed with great technology to receive signals with the 60 mile range (60 miles away from  the broadcasting of tower.It is rated with good review 4.5 stars.It is ideal for the areas belonging to the rural and suburban .UHF and VHF multi – directional elements deliver range .No other antennas can match its performance .You can reduce the monthly TV bill by using this antennas, you can experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available on this antennas.Broadcasts are now transmitted with the clear full HD 1080 ,With the digital TV  antenna you can receive free news of local weather , sports news ,kids shows and many more.Local channel are broadcast free over the air .you just need the antennas to get this free.This clearstream antennas is designed to respond to a greater range of frequencies along with a wide beam which is eliminating the need of rotation .

Some of the great features of this antenna are:

  • it is the best performance among all the antennas with the range of 50 mile 
  • it gives with the grip guarantees for the easiest installation 
  • the 20 decibels in line amplifier system provides added range and maximum signal strength 
  • having multi – directional element and double -sided black or white design 
  • it comes with the 12 feet high performance coaxial cable 
  • you can paint on the surface of it in order to match the color of it from the wall ,furniture or any thing


2. Antennas Direct clear stream 5 high Gain VHF TV antenna ,65+range

This antennas direct clearstream comes up with the 5 antenna uses the high technology to receive the signal with the range of 65 miles from the broadcast towers. The reflector focusses the antennas power for added range ,provide protection against multipath interface .It is superior antennas supported by a lifetime warranty.You can place indoor or outdoor for the best results .Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the TV and the other end to the antenna 

and scan the other channel using the TV remote control.It  gives the lifetime warranty on the parts.You can merge the UHF antenna with the signal from the clearstream 5 antenna through one coaxial cable using this UHF antenna combiner.

Some of the most important features of this product :

  • high performance among all the high VHF -Antennas with high range of 65 mile 
  • you can get free TV channel like ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,CW,and many more in full HD in 1080 where available 
  • having the support from the experts online at antennas 
  • It includes the clearstream 5 antenna ,all mounting hardware instructions 
  • lifetime warranty on parts


3. Clearstream Micron XG amplified Indoor Antenna with reflector -35+mile range 

This clearstream micro XG  antenna is designed with high technology to receive the strong TV signal with the range of 35 mile away from the broadcast  towers .Designed with a stylish texture finish ,this micro xg is ideal for the rural and suburban areas .IT containing the 20 decibels in line  amplifier which provides amplification of signal while offering the signal reception to noise ratio for different tuning .The reflector of this antenna is mainly focusing on the antennas power for added range and also provide protection against the multiple interfaces.Its set up is quite easy  by connecting the high performance coaxial cable into the back of your TV.And after scanning the available channel using the TV control you will get it and enjoy it for the free of cost with the full HD channel 1080

Some of the best features of this product are :

  • it is the high performer among the amplified tabletop antenna in the range of 35 mile 
  • only indoor antenna to use an inline amplifier 
  • it included the clearstream micron antenna with 6 feet coaxial cable ,20 decibels in line amplifier 
  • lifetime warranty


4. Antennas Direct Clearstream Amplified TV Antenna, 50+ mile range , UHF/VHF,Multi-directional 

The clearstream FLEX amplified indoor multi-directional UHF 6 TV Antenna are available with sure grip features new advanced performance to receive a high range of frequencies for 50+miles which is extremely large enough .

It is ideal for the dorm room and over the road -vehicles.This clearstream FLEX feature a black or white double-sided design and is paintable so that it can match it to the wall ,furniture ,or to any thing .Having the 20 dB USB in-line amplifier system provides high range and  to ensure consistent performance for high picture quality .You will receive a very high quality picture with fewer drop -outs ,to make you more satisfied .Having the cutting edge technology ,Antennas Direct is dedicated to providing superior product with the lifetime warranty .It also includes the 5 feet USB cable ,USB power adapter ,flex indoor HDTV antenna ,15 feet high performance coaxial cable .

Some of the more important features of this product are :

  • It gives the high performance with the 50+mile range
  • you can easily reposition it in order to find the best location with the help of grip .
  • 20dB in-line amplifier is designed to provide extra range 
  • it comes with the 15 feet of high performance coaxial cable 
  • having the double sided black or white design and also has a paintable surface