Best CB Radios Reviews To Buy In 2022

CB radio or a citizen band radio is a short range radio that is used mainly to allow communication between individuals in a short range .

Since all the cb radios transmit with same output power of 4 watts , the other factors play a key role in deciding the best radio to pick up from. Choosing the best cb radio as per your requirements can sometimes be challenging. To help you with this we have some of the deciding factors to consider. Along with it here are some options for cb radios for you to choose from.

  • The radios come in a wide range from 50$ to that of $ 200 . It can be a bare bone radio or a top of the line radio. Decide what kind of features you require to select the most suitable.
  • A backlit display plays a vital role especially while driving at night . If traveling at night is common for you choose a radio with properly backlit display. 
  • It’s necessary to have a radio that keeps you informed about the latest weather updates.
  • The other features that you need to keep in mind while buying a radio can be – size of the radio , public address capabilities and others. 

Here is a review of some best cb radios available.  Have a look 

Top CB Radios Reviews To Buy In 2022

1. Cobra 29Lx Professional CB Radio

If you are concerned with the amount of space occupied this radio is a great option. It takes least space. All the great features that this radio offers are enclosed in a microphone unit. Instead of having to find a space for placing the radio you just need to find a suitable place to hang it. 

It comes with great features such as weather scanning , backlit , and channel scanning.

Its small size makes it quite popular among jeeps and other vehicles that do not have much extra space.


  • Its LCD display comes with four different colour options to choose from, the colour option includes red , green , blue and amber. Adjustable colour and brightness makes it easy to read and use.
  • It has access to all NOAA weather channels and hence you can get information regarding imminent hazard or extreme weather conditions.
  • It has a clock and alarm facility. Display shows the current time and you can also set alarm to keep yourself on time. It allows you to store maximum ten channels that you used recently for your convenience.
  • To ensure the excellent strength of the antenna it automatically checks and adjusts the frequency.
  • The nine foot cord provides enough length to place the radio conveniently. To improve the quality of voice the radio comes with adjustable dynamike property.
  • It has access to access channel 9 and information channel 19 instantly.


  • Great channel scan option.
  • Convenient size and easy to use,
  • Options to change colours make it match your vehicle interiors.


  • Battery drain.

2. Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

If you need a durable radio that you can use in any extreme conditions then this radio from uniden is just the best choice. It does not come with many flashy and eye catching features but its durability makes it an excellent choice. It is top choice among construction companies and mines and pit companies. These are small in size and very simple to use. It has a large screen and it is easy to read from it, for announcements you can connect it to external public address system. 


  • It is a compact high duty radio which delivers high performance. It has 40 channels for operation.
  • The radio is most popular among commercial and industrial companies as it is durable .
  • The radio comes with built in noise remover which ensures noise free and extremely well sound quality. To allow convenience of use it has long front cord.
  • Its automatic noise limiter (A.N.L) feature allows removal of the background noises such as that of vehicle engine from the vehicle while communicating.
  • It has extreme frequency control because of its locked loop control feature. You can connect an external speaker with its external headphone jack.
  • The package includes a microphone ,mount bracket, mount hardware, and user manual. The product comes with two years of warranty.


  • Great performance. It is modulated to full 4 watts power.
  • Compact .
  • It is worth the price .
  • Hassle free performance.


  • A power mic may be required at certain areas.

3. Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

If you are looking for an all in one unit then this CB radio is the right choice. This radio can be used with multiple vehicles. You can take it wherever you go as it has a rugged construction to work at extreme conditions. It offers maximum range of communication by transmission power of 4 watts over 40 channels. It comes with weather scan and hazard alert feature to keep you informed no matter where you go and what you do.

It comes with two knobs to control volume and squelch control options. It provides quick access to emergency  channel 9 as well as the information channel 19. You can use it as a mobile radio by connecting with the mobile adapter or you can also use it as a portable radio with the help of the antenna and battery. To increase the range further you can also add an antenna to the top of your vehicle. You can save up to five frequently visited channels into the memory. The channel scan feature automatically scans for the available active channels and stops at the active channel for a while. 


  • The radio comes with built in microphone and speaker with 40 channels.
  • Clear and easy visibility as the display is backlit.
  • Easy to tune with the help of up and down buttons.
  • To reduce the background noise it has squelch control .
  • It allows you to access the last visited channel easily as it has last channel recall feature where it saves the last tuned channel. 
  • The package includes antenna and mobile adapter.


  • It offers good quality and versatility. 
  • Comes with rechargeable battery pack.
  • Clear sound quality and good signal strength.


  • Not much suitable for indoor use.
  • Short range which can be improved using antenna. 

4. Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio with Frequency Counter

While looking for a radio you usually expect an all in one product with the affordable price range. To make this available to you this radio from galaxy brings all the great features with excellent performance at an affordable price. Variable output power , end of transmission roger beep , mock gain , SSB operations are some of its features among a wide range . The digital screen is easy to read as it is illuminated with light to let you use it in the dark as well. If your vehicle has enough space to mount a full length radio then this is the best choice. In addition to this radio is compatible with all the available CB antennas in the market. 


  • The radio  features large meter making it easy to read. It comes with four scales including –  S meter which indicated into 60 dB , modulation percent , SWR scale , and power scale.
  • It has a talkback circuit along with volume control buttons.
  • The galaxy features noise filter to reduce noise when the signal is weak. Its automatic noise limiter is a great way to strengthen signals by removing noise during communication. 
  • Every task is assigned to a specific button so that you can easily operate it while driving.
  • It has 5 digits frequency counter with automatic  noise remover and limiter. 
  • The product comes with two years limited warranty.


  • Good transmission. 
  • Durable. The case has a large size than most of the other options available. 
  • Easy to tune and monitor.
  • Clear sound and great signal strength. 


  • THE blue light is a little too bright.
  • The  blue backlight makes it difficult to read the meter.

5. Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio 

If you are looking for superior quality radio at an affordable price , you can never go wrong with this UNIDEN bearcat radio. It easily keeps you connected with your loved ones .

This model from uniden includes a weatherband ,sideband ability , offers excellent audio quality and long range. With its compact design it is a perfect match for an average sized vehicle. 

It offers the driver the option to customize the display as per your choice. No matter whether you are driving in a bright sunny day or at a dark night you can easily adjust the display for a clear visibility of its features. You can also adjust the brightness of the backlit display so as to choose the night and day time. The display shows you the strength of the signal received , SWR reading as well as RF power. The controls are labelled with their specific functions for ease of use and they are arranged in a logical manner. 

The volume button , power on and off button comes along with a squelch knob that is used to reduce noise for better and clearer reception.  The ANL features automatically cuts down any noise and interference while communicating.


  • It comes with a selector knob letting you choose channels , change directions , select menu modes ,gain and talkback volume.
  • The display can be personalised with seven colour options available.
  • This has a noise cancelling microphone which ensures clear audio quality reducing external noise ,
  • It is compatible with most of the CB antennas .
  • If you are a user in the US and Canada you can receive information  from police , ambulance and fire fighter transmission.
  • The included GPS automatically scans for nearby channels.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Great reception and audio quality
  • You can match the colour with the other accessories in the vehicle.


  • The screen may seem a little dim during daylight.

6. Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio

Another radio from the series of uniden CB radios is uniden PRO 505 XL . the radio has all that you need within a price that will not prove to be heavy in your pockets. It is compact and has all the features such as  public address function and a backlit digital display to make it easily visible and easily usable. Its compact size allows you to fit this radio in almost any vehicle. 

It comes with built in  RF power indicator to let you monitor the strength of the signal being received . the public address feature allows it to be heard outside the vehicle .

The radio has an external speaker jack to allow you to connect the radio with an external speaker increasing its volume .

The package includes the following :- four pin microphone , CB radio ,mount bracket and mounting hardware.


  • It has a compact design which makes it suitable for any vehicle.
  • To communicate effectively with those around you it lets you enjoy all the 40 channels.  The radio provides you ease of installation and is easy to use.
  • The display is backlit with orange colour that is properly optimised to be used in daytime as well as night. The display shows details of the current channel ,volume and other important details.
  • To let you drive safely it has dedicated buttons for each of its functions .
  • Its squelch control button reduces noise for clear sound quality.


  • It performs as well as it claims to perform.
  • It is affordable.
  • Transmission is good and mainly varies with the terrain,
  • It has speaker turned inwards so that it does nit come in direct contact with rain or dust,


  • LED display could be better.
  • Speaker output power could be enhanced.

7. Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio with 40 Channels

Popularly known for its great bearcat brand of CB radios , Uniden is out with yet another model . this combines all the features of the previous models along with some additional exciting ones added to it. This combines with a stylish look and great design to give you an overall complete package.

It ensures maximum output power of 4 watts ensuring excellent reception and transmission along with al the NOAA channels and emergency channel 9 accessible instantaneously.

Memory channel scan , mic gain control , squelch control and other features such as automatic noise filter make it one of the best options to choose from.  To let you customise your radio it comes with seven different backlit colour options to choose as per your convenience. The display is comparatively large , much easier to read , and comes with digital meter and facility to adjust brightness as per the time of the day. 


  • Its large display makes it easy to use and easily operable with all the functions easy to use while driving specially at night.
  • Weather alerts allow you to stay safe in case of emergency situations.
  • This radio is compatible with wireless uniden cb microphone , so incase you do not like wires and want to get rid of them , here is a great choice.
  • It has weather scan and channel scan option. It also comes with the public adress capability.
  • The update manager lets you stay up to date with the updates that are made by the uniden company on a weekly basis.
  • The package includes the following :-  a microphone , Dc power kit , a mount bracket, microphone adapter , user manual  along with a two year extended warranty.


  • Best for the money range 
  • Easy to set up and use .
  • Perfect SWR readings once it is properly installed.
  • Great reception and output power.


  • Backlit is a little less brighter.

8. Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio – Instant Channel 9, 4 Watt Output

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This radio is an example of perfect performance with excellent design . It is one of the most popular radio among the users.  The brand cobra keeps on updating their product adding more and more excellent features. The latest includes the tactile controls which means you can easily feel where the dial is when you are driving .

It is easy to install and use and ensures durability and reliability to the users . its phase lock loop features makes it an excellent radio allowing you to enjoy all the 40 channels with great coverage. Its automatic noise limiter or noise blanker allows great signal strength , free from external noise and clear sound quality. The receiver is designed in a way to avoid any cross modulation . Its delta feature is used to clear any incoming singal. 


  • To make sure that the antenna is working at full strength the product has SWR calibration.
  • If your system has any fault and it needs to be checked , it will be indicated by its antenna warning indicator.
  • To ensure  maximum quality of transmission it allows full 4 watts output power.
  • For safe driving it has instant access to channel 9.
  • To allow complete coverage it scans through all the 40 channels .
  • The switchable noise blanker helps in eliminating any interference that may be caused by your vehicle engine .


  • SWR resistance makes it easy to set up .
  • Dependable and good sound quality.


  • Needs to be wired properly.
  • Mounting screws are made up of soft metal.

9. Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio

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The radio from midland is a perfect option specially for  those who want to use radio on

Motorbikes. It  is rugged and reliable product. The radio is designed to endure harsh conditions and has an  flexile antenna for clear transmission. To ensure clear reception it comes with built in noise control. If you wish to attach your standard headphones with the radio you can do so using an accessory plug. 

Considering the price in mind it is one of the best options , affordable and reliable .


  • It is easy to carry because of the small size , light in weight and compact design. With dimensions of 7 x 2.25 x 2 inches .
  • It can be charged in several ways including :- using nine disposable AA batteries or using rechargeable nickel – cadmium battery. The battery can be charged using the DC adapter provided in the kit.
  • It can be used in multiple ways including handheld radio or as a radio in your vehicle. You can also connect external speaker or mic to the jack provided for the purpose .
  • For its small size it is provided with great control buttons in a systematic manner for ease of operation. 
  • The product comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty .


  • Small size , easy to use and light in weight .
  • Can be used single handedly.


  • It is a short range antenna , problem may arise in areas with many obstacles.
  • Batteries need to be bought separately.

1o. Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB

The best thing about this CB radio from midland is its ability to transform from a portable radio to a high range antenna very easily. If range is what you are concerned for , then this radio is your best option. This radio is very convenient for people who want to use the radio outside their vehicles while roaming around.

The radio offers excellent sound quality along with additional features including automatic noise remover  and squelch control. 


  • The radio has forty channel digital tuner.  This locks the selected channel with utmost accuracy. Its automatic noise limiter removes the background noise for clearer sound quality during communication.
  • The display is easy to read as it is backlit and comes with various colour options to choose from. The digital display shows the strength of the signals received as well as transmission power.
  • Its weather scan ability scans and locks the available weather channel automatically. With its compact design it is easy to install and operate.
  • It delivers maximum power range of 4 watts. The package includes a microphone , mount bracket and hardware and a user manual.


  • Best features at the available price.
  • Small in size.
  • Easy to use and durable.


  • Its NOAA function is not so good.
  • Brightness is not adjustable.

All these are the best CB radios present . To choose the best radio go through the pros and cons and buy the one that meets your requirements well .