Best Antenna for Mofi4500 Reviews 2022

Antenna for Mofi4500

Have you just purchased a MoFi4500 Router that does not provide you the signal you desire? Or does your old one not work like it used to? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll help you choose a good antenna that will increase the signal for your router and get … Read more

Alfa Wifi Booster Antenna (wifi extender) Reviews

Alfa Wifi Booster Antenna

ALFA, Network Inc. is a newly established company. It develops high performing Local/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN). Its wifi extenders and other products come with innovative design. This company has the experience to manufacture its products, marketing its goods. It makes products which support most of the LAN/WAN. It also provides solutions for LAN services. Its … Read more

Best Yagi Wifi Antenna Reviews 2022

Yagi Wifi Antenna

The yagi antenna which is also widely known as yagi -uda antenna is first introduced in the year 1926. A yagi wi-fi is used for directing the wifi beam around and increase the signal in one particular direction. This yagi antenna is widely used in the field of radio, tv reception, or make a bridge … Read more

The 10 Best Indoor Wifi Antennas Reviews 2022

Indoor Wifi Antenna

Wifi antennas are a means for you to always be connected to the internet. While outdoor wifi antennas are for larger distances, i.e., for reaching outdoor locations; indoor wifi antennas are for covering shorter distance, i.e., shorter range. Just like outdoor wifi antennas, indoor antennas can be either directional, or omin-directional. Directional antennas are used … Read more

Best Long Range WIFI Antenna Reviews 2022

Best Long Range WIFI Antenna Reviews 2022 1

The long range Wifi antenna is used for getting the signals from a long distance. We have to make sure regarding one point. For the shorter distance, we need to use an only the 2dBi antenna, for example, this can be used for the small roomed house. For longer distances, we need to go for … Read more