Best Antennas for Yaesu Ft-60r Reviews

Best Antennas for Yaesu Ft-60r

The ft-60r radio by Yaesu covers an extensive range of distance and is mostly used for search-and-rescue operations because it has a feature called Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI). If you have a Yaesu ft-60r radio but the signal you receive with its antenna is weak, then you can get for yourself a different antenna which … Read more

Best Replacement Antenna for RAM 1500 Reviews

Best Replacement Antenna for RAM 1500

Antennas are used for transmitting and receiving signals. The signal quality depends on the kind of antenna you are using and on the height of the antenna. Usually taller antennas result in a better reception however, you cannot take the longest antenna and fix it on your vehicle, right? The signal reception also depends on … Read more

Best CB Antenna for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

Best CB Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

A Citizen Band radio (CB radio) antenna is solely designed for two things. First, it takes radio-frequency signals and then converts them into electrical signals with the help of a receiver. From the transmitter, it takes the electrical signals and then changes them into radio-frequency signals. The second function is the tuning of the signals … Read more

Best Wire For Dipole Antenna Reviews 2022

Best Wire For Dipole Antenna

Are you getting confused with the vast range of options available in the market? Do you need some assistance in getting the perfect cables? Do you want to gather more information regarding the impedance levels, gauge, length and other such useful features? Well, this site is a great place to get started with your research. … Read more

Best SWR meter for Ham Radio Reviews 2022

Best SWR meter for Ham Radio Reviews 2020

Accuracy and precision is all that we desire whenever we take any reading. It protects us from making false notion and conclusion based on false output. This is also expected from the SWR and power meter that we use in our day to day lives. So to give you with satisfactory results, here is a … Read more

VMS Racing Antenna Reviews

VMS Racing Antenna

VMS Antenna company is established in 2002 which deals with car antennas. Its high-quality products made this company famous overnight. They made unique design and test the product several times before sending it to the market. Its variety of products are used in Drag Racing, Drifting and other Road Racing. 1. VMS Racing GUNMETAL GUNMETAL TIP … Read more

RoadPro CB Antenna Reviews

RoadPro CB Antenna

1. RoadPro Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna: Product information: • Item weight: 1.25 pounds Features: • It is a nine ft cable which ensures the antenna to puts stay • It is thin and slim • Very easy to operate • It has cable of coax of 9’ • The best part is that … Read more

Best CB Antenna For Trucks & Semi Trucks Reviews 2022

CB Radio Antenna

CB antenna stands for citizen band antenna. It is a radio antenna that is designed mainly to perform two functions  It receives radio frequency signals and converts them into electrical signals by the receiver and it also takes electrical signals from the transmitter and converts them into radio frequency signals. This is done with the … Read more

Best Short Antenna for Ford f150 & f250 Reviews 2022

Ford Antennas

These ford antennas are all you need to provide your vehicle a stylish look along with the properties most sought after. The antennas are affordable and offer great reception , they are carwash protected and most of them come with anti theft property . Choose the one best suited to you. To receive the best … Read more

Best Police Scanner Antennas Reviews 2022

Scanner Antenna

Most of the police scanners will come with antenna that cover 30 mile range so you dont need to buy extra antenna. if you facing issues with your radio to gain signal then we recommend below antennas. Best Police Scanner Antennas Reviews 1. Tram 1089-BNC Scanner Mini Magnet Antenna – Best 800mhz Scanner Antenna Tram … Read more