Best Marine Radio Antenna Reviews 2021

An antenna is placed on the radio sets useful to receive the signals from a radio station. Without the antenna, there will be no transmission of electromagnetic waves. Marine AM/FM antennas are useful for the sailors, go-kart, helmsman etc who listens to radio for navigation, entertainment and to learn news etc.

Top Boat AM/FM Antenna Reviews

1. Hero Waterproof Marine Radio Antenna

Hero waterproof marine radio antenna rubber duck dipole flexible mast FM/am an antenna for boat car ATV UTV RZR SPA-BLACK is the most trusted product from several years.


  • The main specification to have this product is the signal strength. Its signals stretch up to 10 miles.
  • People have many doubts about the corrosion of the antenna. No need to worry, this product is resistant to corrosion.
  • It can be easily pivoted over 180 degrees. The swivel base is used for this purpose.
  • The angled mounting is very helpful in placing the antenna at any accessible location.

2. Antennamastsrus White Marine Am/Fm Antenna

This is the best new brand marine high-end antenna. This marine AM/FM antenna has many uses and applications. It is useful for many marine uses such as yacht, sailing boats, motor home, go-kart, camper etc.

Specifications :

  • Rubber mast is useful in extensibility. Though it is flexible, it is solid enough to falter around in the rough seas.
  • It has a 180-degree swivel base useful for pivoting around to and fro axis.
  • The base is provided with a high-end black mount. This is useful in bending into the desired angle.
  • Adjusting wrench is provided along with the mount so that it reduces the cost for the person.
  • The antenna can be mounted to as shallow as one inch.
  • The reception wire is very long which will be helpful in connecting it to almost all the radios.

3. Waterproof Car Marine Radio Antenna

Waterproof Car Marine Radio Antenna Rubber Flexible Mast Radio FM/AM Antenna for Boat Car ATV UTV (White) is the best product so far in this category. The description of the product is given below.

Specifications :

  • Rubber mast is useful in extensibility. Though it is flexible, it is solid enough to falter around in the rough seas.
  • It has a great encounter for AM/FM.
  • The great quality of this product is its waterproof nature which reduces the effects of damages.
  • It combats with the corrosive agents and helps in reducing the corrosion and helps the customer in reducing the effort and money.
  • This is the best material for ATVs, UTVs, and motorhomes.

4. Jensen Marine An150Sr Am/Fm Amplified Antenna

This fantastic product is designated as per the demand of the listeners. The following are the specifications of the above-named product.

Specifications :

  • This is a long-range amplified antenna.
  • It contains an easily accessible glass mount which can be mounted with adhesive agents like foam strips.
  • It can be mounted both at subdued and out-of-doors in the unimpeded areas.
  • It is exceptionally well in reception and very easy to install.


Dual Electronics MAW40 Universal Soft Wire Flexible Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna Black is one of the most trusted products of antennas. Here are the important specifications.

Specifications :

  • The Dual Electronics MAW40 Universal Soft Wire Flexible Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna Black gives the best quality sound within a very low price.
  • It has a range of up to 10 miles so that the listener will be tuned in even in the middle of the ocean.
  • It has a very great reception and is long lasting.
  • It is designed to resist the extreme weather conditions, as it’s exterior, is made of sealed rubber which makes sure that the antenna does not capitulate with spray and salt.
  • This marine radio antenna lasts with the soft wire mast and can tolerate the heavy winds.

6. BOSS Audio MRANT 10 Weatherproof Marine Dipole Hideaway Antenna

BOSS is one of the brands under creating audio and videos with the latest technology. This product is best for both AM and FM. Al l you have to do is just plug the wire into stereo and it is install and ready to use. This product has warranty of one year time period; in case you face any problem feel free to call the company. It doesn’t require any sort of drilling to install the antenna. The length of the product is 41’’ long. Here are the dimensions of the product i.e. 45× 0.2 ×0.2 inches. And the weight of the product is 1.6 ounces. 

7. Tune Trapper Hidden Marine Boat AM FM Stereo Radio Antenna:

This TT can be hidden easily and can be place anywhere in the hull or in the compartment or you can place it behind your radio. It doesn’t require power and amplifier. All you have to do is plug it into your radio and it is easy to install whereas can save power. It is made in USA and it is water resistant, protect wires from rain and water. Company guarantees performance and also it is one of the best company. The frequency range is between 87.5- 108 MHz Weight of the product is 1 pounds. 

8. Jenson Marine AN150SR AM FM Amplified Antenna:

It can operate both AM and FM stereo antenna. It is especially made for the listeners who wants to listen AM and FM both. It is the best choice for marine applications. It contains 7 foot cable with milliamps @ 12V DC. Here are the dimensions i.e. 18.5 ×3.8× 1 inches and the weight is 7.2 ounces. Jenson marine audio gives maximum performance and durability. This product is tested for the UV rays, humidity, water spray and extreme temperature. 


To select a best am/FM antenna, the below-described considerations are important :

  • It is important for any antenna to direct the radiated waves in a specific direction.
  • If you require large distances, the antenna must be as high as possible from the water.
  • The length of the antenna should be long so that it can easily grasp the signals by increasing the strength of the signals.
  • The mounting process means how an where the antenna is attached on the boat. It must be carried out by placing the antenna away from the metals and other antennas. A gap must be maintained between the antenna and radio.
  • All the cables must be with good quality.