Best Antennas for Yaesu Ft-60r Reviews

The ft-60r radio by Yaesu covers an extensive range of distance and is mostly used for search-and-rescue operations because it has a feature called Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI). If you have a Yaesu ft-60r radio but the signal you receive with its antenna is weak, then you can get for yourself a different antenna which will increase your signal effectively. Antennas are mainly used to transmit and receive signals but with the right antenna, you can gain a better audio quality as well as the ability to receive signals from miles away. In this article, we will introduce some better antennas for your ft-60r which are recommended by the customers. 

Top Antennas for Yaesu Ft-60r

1. ABBREE Foldable CS Tactical Antenna

This antenna has a dual-band with a VHF of 144 MHz and a UHF of 430 MHz. Because this is a foldable antenna, it is flexible yet strong at the same time. It has been designed to work even in tough conditions and stay durable over the years. It has an SMA-Male type of connector. Its gain is 3.5 dBi. It is 13 inches long with a power handling capacity of 20W. This model of ABBREE is an updated version with improved features and strong quality materials. This antenna is compatible not only with Yaesu ft-60r but also with TYT MD-380, MD-2017, MD-390, Wouxun KG-UV8D, and KG-UV9D Plus, Yaesu FT-70DR, FT-270R, and FT-2DR/3DR, Kenwood,  Radioddity GD-77 and Retevis RT3S. With the antenna, one will receive an antenna velcro as well.

Customers have reviewed the antenna to be great except for the fact that its bottom portion is too fat because of which it interferes with the volume knob of the radio. If one is on foot, then this is the ideal one because the reception is great. After folding, the antenna can be kept in the backpack which is one of the best things of foldable antennas. All the customers recommend this to anyone who is looking for a decent antenna.

2. Diamond Original SRH789 95-1100 MHz Telescoping Handheld SMA Antenna

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This antenna works in two bands and their frequencies vary accordingly. In ¼th wave, the frequency is 95 MHz to 300 MHz. In ⅝th wave, the frequency is 300 MHz to 1100 MHz. The gain relatively differs which is 2.15 dBi /3.2 dBi. This antenna has a telescoping structure which is omnidirectional. It can be folded at the base. Its length when retracted is 7.9 inches. When fully extended, it measures 31.7 inches and has 6 sections. Its impedance is 50 ohms and the maximum power rating is 10W. It should be noted that this antenna is not made for Baofeng radios. 

Customers have found the antenna working great even in rural areas. The transmission clarity was really amazing and customers could listen to their favorite stations without having to tune much. Its telescopic feature allows users to store it away in a compact area. It pulls signals even in weaker areas which is one of the best things of this antenna. People living in distant areas or rural areas can consider getting this for themselves. Although the antenna is a little more expensive than other antennas, one can make a purchase because it is worth every penny. 

3. SMA Female Ham Radio Antenna 

This is a dual-band frequency radio antenna. Its VHF range is 144 MHz and that of UHF is 430 MHz. The gain during VHF is 2.15 dBi and that during UHF is 2.5 dBi. This dual-band whip antenna is 15 inches long along with a power handling capacity of 20W. The antenna is flexible and can be used with a wide range of handheld radios like AnyTone, Baofeng, and some of Wouxun and Kenwood radios. All the antennas are constructed with good materials to last over the years and are tested three times to assure the best products for customers’ needs. Two antennas are provided in the package.

Customers have loved how the audio quality and the range has increased subsequently after using this antenna with their radio. The user can use the radio anywhere as it gives a signal in a mile’s radius in the city and about 3 miles of line of sight. People have loved its quality and its durability even after using it for years. One can buy this antenna as it is greatly recommended.

4. Mengshen Gain Antenna Dual Band

This is a dual-band antenna with a VHF frequency of 144 MHz and a UHF frequency of 430 MHz. The gain received from this antenna is 21.5 dBi. It is a flexible antenna that can be bent. It is 39 cm long and has a maximum handling power of 10W. The antenna has an SMA-Female connector. Due to this reason, it is compatible with most radios that have a female connector. The radios of Kenwood, Linton, PUXING, Wouxun, WEIERWEI, and that of Baofeng are most compatible with using this antenna. 

Customers have reviewed the product to be working just as described. The antenna has proved to be giving great reception to the users. The customers have found the antenna to be easy to use and really convenient for their radios. One can easily install this antenna on their radio and get their range enhanced no matter where they are living. This product has many good ratings and is recommended. 

5. SRH-F40A Original Diamond Superflex Handheld Antenna

This antenna by Diamond has a dual-band frequency. It can receive frequencies between 120 MHz and 900 MHz. When the frequency is 440 MHz, then the gain is 2.15 dBi. It has a maximum handling power of 10 Watts. The antenna has an SMA connector and it is 16 inches in length. With the entire product, customers get a rubber washer. Though the antenna is flexible, it is built while keeping in mind the tough situations it might have to go through. Quality materials have been used while making this antenna. 

According to customers, this product is amazing as it has improved the signal strength effectively. It can also perform as a transmit antenna. Since the whip is flexible, it can be bent without worrying about breaking it by accident. Even after bending the antenna, customers have found that the signal is not affected. It can be a good purchase given customers are ready to pay more than they do for this antenna.