Best Antennas for Bearcat 880 Reviews

Does your Bearcat 880 provide low clarity? Or do you have problems while adjusting the antenna to the favorite channel? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We bring to you the best antennas for your Bearcat 880. Taller antennas give a good reception signal. They provide more clarity when you are listening. And generally, elevation does not make much difference. The range of reception is extended. Plus, when in crowds, static is not experienced more. The following are five of the best antennas for your radio.

Top Antennas for Bearcat 880

1. CB Antenna 4” Magnet Kit w/RG-58 

This antenna from Tram is made out of weather-resistant material. It is 4 inches tall and has a frequency of 26-30 MHz. It has the feature of weather-channel capability. The entire kit includes a 35-inch stainless steel whip, a 3.5-inch magnet, and a 17-inch coaxial cable. The magnet is covered with rubber tape all over it to prevent any scratches from appearing on it. Besides, all the CB frequencies are pre-tuned. One won’t have to scratch his head for it. The antenna needs 300W of power handling. 

Customers have found this antenna to be a mag-mount one. Even though it seems like a compromise, after using this antenna, one will disregard the fact. This is a pretty good antenna that transmits and receives well. One won’t have to pay extra money for a branded antenna since this one has all the features. It is durable and stays put for years and years together. People recommend this antenna. 

2. ARIES 10813 3 Feet CB Radio Antenna

This antenna is 3-feet long running on 500W of power. This kit comes with a mirror mount. It is made of good quality aluminum with a double groove along with heavy-duty brass antenna studs. Besides, it has 9 foot long RG59AU coax with PL259 molded ends. The antenna is tunable. All you need to do is remove the cap and pull it to the right SWR. Or you can even cut off a little wiring. 

Customers have reviewed the antenna to be working just as it has been described. People have loved how the antenna can be fixed on trucks and over cars. They have experienced a good signal. It can increase the range by a couple of miles and even work when you are outside hiking, mountaineering, or even camping. It is recommended and has good ratings.

3. Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63-Inch CB Antenna

This antenna needs a power of 10000W. It is around 63 inches long. It has a 49-inch long steel whip and a 6-inch long steel shaft. The outside is made of triple-layer chrome-plated copper coil. It can be mounted in 3 ways. It has a frequency between 25 MHz and 30 MHz. This antenna can not only be used on ham radios but also regular radios. It is made out of quality material that has good, rugged construction. 

Customers have reviewed the antenna to be strong. It is solidly built while keeping in mind that antennas will, once in a while, hit a tree branch. For it to last all such hits, this antenna was made. It comes at an affordable price and is worth every penny. Customers are satisfied with their purchase. They could find their desired channels easily and do recommend this product to anyone looking out for a sturdy antenna.

4. ProStick 3 Foot Fibreglass 1000W CB Radio Antenna

There is no need to tune this antenna as it is already factory tuned to 26 MHz and 29.5 MHz. This antenna is made sturdy while keeping in mind that the antenna needs to work for years. The mast is made out of fiberglass whilst the same is joined to Nickel-plated Brass Ferrule. The materials while making this antenna are of good quality. TO improve the life of this antenna, the exclusive VibraSorb anti-breakage design is used. Because the antenna needs 1000W of power, it gives the best reception. The clarity is amazing and the signal is great in almost all the areas. 

According to customers, it is easy to install. Besides, it is easy to use as one does not have to tune it again. Though, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction over not being able to tune it. It is reviewed to be not so sturdy as is described so it is suggested that the buyers check once before making a purchase.

5. Midland 18-2442, CB Radio Antenna

This product by Midland has a magnetic mount feature. It has a 30-inch long whip which is made of stainless steel and a 17 feet pre-wired cable and connector. Besides, it can be connected to all Midland Mobile CB Radios. The magnet has a good hold because of which this becomes a good antenna for installations on moving vehicles. 

Customers have appreciated the packaging of the product and its easy installation process. They have reviewed the antenna to give them their desired range. They have received a good signal and the clarity, too, is better than before. They have loved just how basic the antenna is yet how powerfully it works. They have said it to be strong even in tough conditions. Happy customers have loved it tremendously and recommend it to anyone looking for a good antenna for their CB. Plus, it comes at an affordable price.